4S Store Security

4S Store Security

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Chongqing 4S Store Securityis in the 4S Shop security services security, in order to do a good job of 4S store security basic work, the need for 4S store security to do a good job of the corresponding norms. 4S Shop Security during the service should pay attention to personal image and service attitude, to provide customers and staff with quality services. 4S store security guards in the work must not leave without cause, chat, read newspapers, sleep and other things that violate the company's discipline. 4S Store security guard adhere to the post, loyal to duty, strict implementation of post responsibility system. It is strictly forbidden to doze, drink and smoke at work; it is forbidden to laugh, make fun of reading newspapers and chat; it is forbidden to do things that have nothing to do with work.

4S store security needs to be neatly dressed, civilized, diligent and polite. It is strictly forbidden for all unrelated personnel to enter the 4S shop, such as hawkers, scrap buyers, sellers into the office area, strangers, suspicious persons (including outsiders) should take the initiative to ask, if necessary, produce the relevant registration documents. 4S Shop security needs to let customers in strict accordance with the regulations to stop, do a good job in and out of the car registration, do not stop in accordance with the regulations of the owners to dare to manage, explain the situation, timely Hair should be clean and tidy, hair messy, too long, dyed black and exterior color, with different hairstyles and so on. Face dirty, male beard, nails should be clean, no dirt, nails too long affect the work wearing unqualified ornaments, key to wear on the guest can see the location. During duty, inspections are carried out in various areas of the company, particularly in the finance room, warehouses and vehicle parking areas on the front floor. Security personnel must have a high sense of responsibility, adhere to their posts, serious and responsible, and maintain a good supply outside. Security personnel must be familiar with the situation of public security operations, at any time to deal with various issues, seriously take suspicious phenomena, and in accordance with the relevant provisions. Security personnel should be dignified, civilized and polite. Embodying the spirit of the company and a good social image.