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Office security

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Office Security (Chongqing Long Term security) refers to security personnel who carry out security in various office buildings, and office security needs to be neatly dressed and kept in good spirits. Office security should be familiar with the company's regional environment, understand the surrounding situation, do a good job of the company's regional inspection work. Make sure there are no people gathering at the company's main entrance. If there are special circumstances, timely inform the relevant departments of the company. We should be wary of safety incidents such as theft. Before duty, clean the environment around the duty room and office building, and arrange the items neatly. Responsible for vehicle management in the company's car park to ensure that bicycles, electric vehicles and foreign vehicles are parked in an orderly manner in designated areas. Visitors must contact the front desk for confirmation and registration before they can be released. Fill in the visitor registration form carefully. Registration forms must be recovered and properly kept for archiving. Handover on time and fill in the handover record carefully. Money orders, registrations, parcels, deposits should be completed clearly, the handover is clear.

Office security Guards strictly control the entry of personnel during rest days and holidays, and do not allow non-staff members to enter the office building alone. Maintain the company's internal public order, eliminate the hidden dangers of the budding state, prevent hidden dangers. Strengthen the safety precaution of key parts. Front desk security is mainly responsible for the collation and registration of visitors, and the management of outbound goods; SpeedPost personnel should contact the recipients of the security services and security personnel should designate these persons within a fixed range and prohibit them from wandering. Sooner or later they should say hello to the staff entering and leaving the elevator. Maintain order at the front desk and avoid crowding at the front desk. Keep your job clean, don't smoke, urinate anywhere, eat, litter, spit, prepare towels, and do the health work you can do. Check the decoration personnel entering the building, check the temporary work permit, and compare it with the decoration time statistics. For example, during non-office hours, registration procedures are strictly enforced and sales personnel are strictly prohibited from entering the building. Register and ask other people entering the building (especially the units they are going to) and ask them to show their ID cards and other valid documents. Otherwise, they will be denied access to the building.