Long-term security

Long-term security

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Long-term security isChongqing Long Term securityis an important basic work of security work, and also an important function and means of internal management. The internal security work is directly related to the security and stability of the unit and affects the construction and development of the unit. Especially in hospitals, shopping malls, stations and other public places, social security is no less complex than some areas of society. It embodies various cases of theft, shoplifting, fraud, robbery, as well as instability factors such as fighting, provocation, contradictions and disputes. There are also many flammable, explosive and controversial factors that must be used. Toxic substances, radioactive substances and other risk factors can easily induce a variety of public security disaster accidents. In addition, they have the characteristics of a large number of foreign personnel, strong mobility and no time limit, which make management and control difficult. Their policing problems are more complex than some social problems and have a direct impact on the stability of society.

Long-term security work is shouldering the arduous task of maintaining the political responsibility of enterprises to stabilize and guarantee the normal public order of enterprises. Safety and stability is the premise of the survival and development of enterprises. If we want to make great progress, we must strive to create a safe and harmonious enterprise environment. With the further deepening of China's reform and opening up, the continuous development of high and new technology and the continuous expansion of enterprise scale, but also brought some adverse phenomena affecting the political stability of enterprises, resulting in many problems existing in enterprises. Solemn work the security sector is a special department that is different from the general organs and departments. Security positions are policy, confidential and sensitive, including hardship, fatigue and risk. Safety work is a time-consuming, arduous and dangerous task. Security personnel must work overtime, just in case, especially on holidays and evenings, where other people can rest carefree. The guards must patrol on duty.