Factory security

Factory security

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Factory security is the person who carries out security in the factory. Factory security requires neat clothes, work according to regulations, dedication, and do not chat with other unrelated personnel at work. Responsible for the inspection of foreign personnel and vehicles, and in strict accordance with the provisions of the registration. Politely discourage people and vehicles who do not meet the requirements from entering the community, increase vigilance against suspicious situations and report in a timely manner to ensure safety. Trucks with a load of more than 2.5 tons are prohibited from entering residential areas and dangerous goods from entering residential areas. Responsible for managing the vehicles entering the area of responsibility, keeping the road open, parking order, checking whether the parked vehicle has an anti-theft lock, pay attention to whether the driver and the vehicle have any abnormalities before driving, and immediately identify the doubt.

Factory security is responsible for the inspection of cleaning, greening, public facilities and equipment in the responsible area, and timely notification to the service center to deal with the relevant issues. Responsible for the management of decoration construction personnel in this responsible area. Do not stack decoration materials at will, may not be constructed within the prescribed time limit, lest other residents rest. Vehicles entering or leaving the factory shall clearly register the license plate number, the time of entry and exit, the intention to visit, issue the temporary vehicle pass, pay tribute to the vehicles entering and leaving the factory area, stop, Park, park, if necessary, should guide the vehicle route in a standard posture; the factory vehicle shall check whether the goods are carried; Direct release shall be notified ; and to go through the release formalities with the relevant departments. Carefully record the letters and newspapers received that day. Closely monitor the anti-theft alarm system, if any, in time to eliminate and report to the public. Understand the name, position and signature of our main leaders and managers and leaders above the company department. Night workers should carry out safety checks on the factory every hour, inspect the water and electricity facilities and fire fighting facilities in the factory area and canteen, eliminate the potential safety risks, and report the problems and deal with them in a timely manner.