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Site Security

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Site security work should be centered on the construction of service engineering, which is aChongqing Long Term securityServices, combined with the construction site management environment and surrounding order, and earnestly strengthen public security work, take active and effective preventive measures, focus on management. Human, financial and material resources to ensure that construction workers are not affected by external factors. To create a good safety environment for the smooth construction of the project, to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the company, construction units and personnel in accordance with the law. Equipped with qualified security personnel and related facilities and police equipment. The main task of security personnel is to take security measures, carry out security work, ensure the safety of property and personnel on the construction site, and maintain the normal order of the construction site.

Site security strictly verify the entry and exit of personnel, vehicles, strict implementation of visitor registration procedures, strictly prohibit idlers into the country. Before checking for a valid file, take the initiative to say hello, and then ask about the situation. Verification and inspection must be carefully carefully. It is forbidden to carry dangerous goods and contraband into the construction site without permission to prevent material loss. Pay attention to other potential security risks, report and deal with the situation in a timely manner, and take timely measures to prevent and remedy loopholes. Assist higher departments to rectify in time, improve the prevention system, improve the ability of safety prevention. When the construction team vehicle is out of the warehouse, the depot management personnel and the electrician shall be strictly inspected and verified by the security notice to carry the material. The publishing bar can be published by the project manager or general manager. Instruct vehicles and pedestrians, clean up unrelated personnel in the construction area, ensure the passage of vehicles and the orderly passage of personnel. Children are not allowed to enter the construction site to play and play.