Industrial Park Security

Industrial Park Security

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Industrial park security in the administration of public security, emphasizing the human factor. All security personnel are under the unified command and dispatch of the property Security Department, emphasizing a variety of combinations, that is, the combination of protection facilities and personnel protection, mobile positions combined with fixed positions, security personnel combined with other personnel, day and night close integration, strengthen physical protection. Cargo entry and exit management, prevention capacity improvement, in line with the property department unified management, Rapid dispatch, to ensure that public security work safe and reliable. The main gate of the industrial park has two security guards, one is mainly responsible for the standard parking of all vehicles coming to the park and the release inspection of all vehicles leaving the park, to assist other security guards to inquire about and register visitors, to be responsible for the monitoring and management of electronic equipment in the park, check the monitoring drawings from and registered.

Industrial park Security in the service, should be correctly positioned, not to go out, not ultra vires. In property security services, security guards often deal with customers. They should always keep a good mind and observe the complex things that happen to their customers in order to avoid inferiority and arrogance. Usually, we can't go to the host to visit and sit around; we can't fall in love with the babysitter of the host, engage in goods, or even enter the host. Pay attention to these links at all times so as not to cause unnecessary misunderstandings and affect the overall image of the property safety team. Society as a whole is an interdependent whole. Don't always think it's glorious to be a boss. It's not worth being a guard. You know, no matter how much a boss lives in the community, his life and possessions depend on our protection.