Property security

Property security

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In the context of the reform, the security services industry has been extended to property areas, property security, large-scale event security, car park maintenance, maritime transport and other new service areas. Security enterprises also decided to participate in entertainment venues, internet cafes, highly toxic explosions and other dangerous goods distribution, enterprises, institutions and schools. Vigorously developing the property industry, financial field, parking lot, security technology and national defense, special guard dogs, commercial large-scale activities security work, traffic safety and other industries, has become more and more urban development of security services industry strategy.

Parking etiquette security guards stand at the entrance to the parking lot, with their legs crossed. When the visitor's vehicle/visitor enters the parking lot, he signs traffic signs on the standing position: parking, straight, right parking, reversing, etc. Step back to the left back door. Open the door for him and say "welcome message." When guests get off the bus, check the car condition and fill in the "Vehicle Inspection Registration Form"/visitors should establish a positive posture within 5 metres, raise their hands and greet: "Welcome message". Guide guests into the sales center. After the guest left, he opened the right back door and said, "Goodbye. ”

Job Responsibilities:

1, in order to prevent or avoid all kinds of public safety accidents in the sales department as far as possible, to ensure the normal order of employees and Sales department, overall responsible for the safety of the sales department, to ensure the safety of the sales department.

2, do a good job of daily security work, familiar with the situation of the sales department, familiar with the distribution of various equipment and facilities, operating points and rules and regulations, guide visitors to walk, establish the company's service image.

3, wear neat, dignified appearance, with polite language, standardized service, not partial, serious discipline. Don't do anything harmful to the company's image and act in accordance with the rules.

4, guide the driver to the sales department to see the customer car parked neatly, to prevent damage to others.