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Mall security

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Chongqing Shopping Mall SecurityProtect shopping malls from fire, theft and personal safety. That is, "keep one side safe." Through the implementation of the work of security personnel, to ensure that the fixed area of security, normal work order, safety order, prevention in the embryonic state. At present, the working hours of security personnel generally range from 6 hours to 12 hours, after the completion of the work of management is the focus of TEDA silver shield attention. Due to the dispersion of duties and accommodation, post management is prone to problems if it is not able to keep up with the situation. In recent years, more than 60% of the problems have occurred at this time, according to survey statistics. Security personnel anti-theft, fighting, do not take time out to go out, illegal driving and so on, mostly happened at this time. Therefore, we must be realistic, responsible for implementation, adhere to the implementation in the implementation, pay attention to the implementation in repetition, focus on implementation. As it turns out, the rules and regulations have not yet been implemented. Therefore, in the mastery and management of key personnel, key parts and key opportunities, Yecheng securities companies must be responsible for the on behalf of, inspection, reward and punishment, implementation. Only in this way can we truly improve the timeliness of the daily management of the security forces.

Mall security is a window to showcase the image of the safety industry. The most intuitive way for people to perceive and understand the security sector is by showing who sticks to the front lines. Their speech, demeanor, appearance and mental outlook all convey the relevant "message" to the community and serve as a window to showcase the image of the security industry. To establish a good image of the safety industry, security personnel need to start from scratch, to make a good first impression on the community and the public. At the same time, the emergence of security heroic deeds, helping people and other typical deeds is also an important aspect of winning the reputation of the industry. Security industry to provide security services, must assume more social responsibility than other industries, take the road of social responsibility priority. Participate in social Security patrol, internal security of enterprises and institutions, residential community custody, rescue and disaster relief, security of large-scale activities, security of financial institutions, for public security organs and donkeys to provide clues. Resolving cases is the full responsibility of the security industry. In these positions, most grassroots security personnel are exposed to high risks and withstand wind, rain, sun and cold. Without them, it would be impossible to take on social responsibility, and the securities industry would lose its meaning.