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Community Security

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The so-called "Chongqing Community Security"Being more regulated as an" order defender "in the industry is only a literal and clear reflection of the attributes of the position. Article 47th of the Property Management Regulations stipulates: "Property management enterprises shall assist in the safety prevention work of property management areas." In the event of a safety accident, property management enterprises shall, while taking urgent measures, report to the relevant administrative departments in a timely manner to assist in emergency work. In accordance with the above provisions and relevant laws, community safety may be considered to be the provision of preventive safety services under service contracts. For example, security personnel should patrol and alert specific areas, areas, targets, stop illegal elements and put an end to unlawful infringement of owners, and after patrolling, suspects should be found and questioned and sent to the relevant departments. For processing, inspection, testing, reporting, timely elimination of all kinds of discomfort. All hidden dangers, prevent fire, explosion and other accidents or robbery, theft and other illegal infringement cases.

Ensuring safety is a top priority in Community production safety work. Construct the Security prevention and control network combining civil defense, matter defense and technical defense, ensure the quality of residential safety management, realize sporadic cases in residential areas, and realize the improvement of Community social order; Striving to build a harmonious society is an important goal of safety work. High-level security work is not only about guarding houses and guarding patrols, but also about collecting social security information and trends and identifying potential dangers that could endanger residential areas and their own security through purposeful and targeted research by managers. and timely and accurate security services. Warn owners in advance and take effective precautions to eliminate potential safety incidents and pitfalls.