What do you need to do as a security guard in Chongqing
- 2018-12-21-

   Chongqing SecurityIt is the personnel who carry out security work in various enterprises. As a Chongqing security guard need to do a good job of all kinds of patrol security in the entire security area, to conduct a reasonable patrol of the security area.

Chongqing security guards in the course of patrolling, Chongqing security guards should seriously do a good job of fire prevention, anti-theft, unsafe accidents, timely detection of unsafe factors, eliminate hidden dangers, and report to the supervisor to ensure the security of the management area. The care of facilities and equipment, public property, postal facilities and property shall not be moved or used without authorization. Familiar with fire equipment location and use methods, regularly check, wipe and maintain fire fighting equipment, in case of emergency timely and correct handling. Strict implementation of the handover system, on time and in accordance with the provisions of the handover, not late early, let alone miss the work. Emergencies should be reported to the supervisor in a timely manner. When correcting violations, security personnel must wear uniforms, walkie-talkies, corrective instruments, and treat others politely. Implementation of a 24-hour inspection system, in the factory area of key hidden areas, fixed posts and patrol posts to set up inspection books and monitoring facilities. Stop fighting within the scope of our company. Vehicles and motorcycles travelling in the factory area shall be subject to speed limit supervision and parking in accordance with the regulations to prevent traffic accidents and traffic jams. After receiving the alarm from the staff, should immediately cooperate with the scene, and report to the department supervisor in time. At check-in, the post is checked irregularly every hour or so, and the check-in time must be real. Strict implementation of the company's visitors, vehicles, employees, vehicles access control, subject to the "Access control management standards."

Chongqing security guards Open the lights in the anteroom every night and check the doors, windows and water and electricity of the office. Night guards must clean the surrounding doors and safety rooms, while the shift guards should always keep the safety room clean. You should clean your clothes and appearance when you go to work. Emergency equipment should often be worn or well stocked. We should always be vigilant when we are on duty. In the event of a major disaster, we should not be confused, decisive and agile in the face of danger and properly handle it and report it to our superiors immediately. They should strictly abide by their posts when they go to work. Without permission, you may not leave your duties without negligence, such as alcoholism, chatting, reading books, newspapers, sleeping, etc. When foreign personnel come to the factory to contact business, they should go to the duty room to check in, and through the telephone with the relevant departments of the receptionist contact. Phone. Only with consent can we make an aggressive receipt at the time of departure. The temporary work permit shall be approved by the Director of the factory before it can be applied to the construction personnel in the plant. All temporary work permits will be withdrawn upon completion of the project. Those who visit the company and the factory must obtain the consent of the general manager and present a visitor's certificate before entering the company or factory.

Chongqing security personnel should be familiar with the use of safety equipment. Understand the location of the allocation, and when an emergency occurs, we should calm down and reduce the disaster in an effective way. We shouldn't be panicking. We should deal with it according to the situation. If the situation can be controlled and eliminated, Chongqing security guards should take prompt action to report to the supervisor and inform the relevant departments. Strict implementation of the company's personnel entry and exit management provisions and exit permits, responsible persons, inbound and outbound cargo transport, registration, inspection, inquiry and other management systems, the phenomenon of late and early retirement of employees to investigate and deal with. According to the regulations, to prevent the theft of company property from the door, to prevent illegal elements from entering or disrupting the company's normal production (work) order. Adhere to prevention, do a good job in legal publicity and law popularization education, so that all workers can learn, understand and use the law, consciously abide by the law, discipline, prevent the occurrence of illegal and disciplinary violations, bravely fight criminals.


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