Service standard of Chongqing Security Service
- 2018-12-17-

   Chongqing Security Servicesis for the various companies to carry out security services, in order to make Chongqing security services to customer satisfaction, so security personnel need to meet certain standards.

Chongqing Security Service personnel should do a good personal hygiene, keep clean, energetic, uniform clean and tidy, do not wear overalls after work. Pay attention to personal hygiene, do not leave long nails, do not bathe, often change clothes, do not drink before work, do not eat garlic, leeks and other smelly food to maintain a fresh tone; pay attention to elegant movements in public places, do not blow your nose, blow your ears, blow your teeth, yawn, cut your nails and so on. Er effect. Familiar with the situation of safe area, master the treatment of various emergencies. Familiar with fire alarm, theft of police and local police station telephone, distress timely report. Don't go into someone's room or office in private. If you have to knock first, you can go in only with consent. When the handover is on time, the successor should arrive 10 minutes in advance. If the heirs do not arrive due to special circumstances, they are not allowed to leave the duty.

The handover personnel of Chongqing Security Service personnel shall explain to the successor the situation found in the handover, the results of dealing with the problem and the matters needing attention. The situation found by the duty officer should be dealt with in a timely manner. cannot be handed over to the next class, continue on duty, with the assistance of the successor to complete. The successor shall pay attention to inspect the goods, facilities and equipment within the scope of the post, report the abnormal situation in time, and sign and testify if necessary. When you see customers on duty, you should greet them enthusiastically, thoughtfully, politely, amicably and naturally. In answering customers ' inquiries, they should look at each other with their eyes, listen patiently with their heart, and answer their customers ' questions in detail. When employees take over, they should carefully follow the requirements of the handover system to do a good job of handover, and with the handover personnel to carry out joint work inspection. For the existing problems, it is necessary to understand the situation, do a good job in receiving goods, ask about work and deal with problems. After a full understanding of the position, they can sign the handover manual before taking office. Chongqing Security Service personnel before the laid-off, do a good job of laid-off records, do a good job of laid-off handover, and successor to carry out joint work inspection, clear post problems, and successor delivery. They can only be fired if their successors sign for approval. If the shift worker is dealing with the problem, the transfer can only take place after the report has been approved by the duty supervisor. Otherwise, he could not be laid off until the process had been completed.

Chongqing Security Service personnel stand guard, standing in the prescribed position, left foot crossover, left foot crossover, feet and so on distance, do cross-sitting posture, keep the upper body upright, the body center of gravity between the feet, chest strong, hands on the belt, left hand hold. Right wrist; Wearing a radio on the right rear of the belt, headphones on the left ear, a microphone on the neck of the shirt, and a slower conversation; In order to keep the uniform neat and wrinkle-free, all the buttons in the clothes were buttoned up, the big brim was wearing white gloves, and he was wearing black shoes. When the tie is fastened, the lower edge of the tie is aligned with the lower edge of the belt. Security personnel are on the front lines of safety precautions. Inevitably, they have to crack down on all kinds of illegal and criminal acts. To operate a security personnel, they should have the spirit of not afraid of suffering, not afraid of suffering, not afraid of hardship, not afraid of sacrifice. When customers ' property and lives are violated, they should be brave enough to stand up and resolutely fight criminals. On the other hand, in order to win the support, trust and understanding of customers, we should be civilized, polite, respect others, friendly, reasonable and act in accordance with the law, so that security services do better.