How to manage security in Chongqing security Company
- 2018-12-21-

   Chongqing Security Co., a company that can provide a variety of security services. In order to enable the security of Chongqing security Company to complete the security services perfectly, Chongqing security company needs to carry out reasonable management of security.

The security guards of Chongqing security company need to obey orders, obey orders, fulfill their duties, actively fulfill the tasks assigned by their superiors, strictly abide by the company's rules and regulations and approved units, ACT according to law, be civilized on duty, treat people politely, strictly prohibit swearing, strictly prohibit the misuse of safety equipment, strictly abide by the confidentiality provisions of their units, Do not follow without authorization. The Office of the stationed unit is not allowed to take foreign personnel to visit the resident unit; If there is a problem in the work, it must report to the company or the customer leader in a timely manner; it must not misrepresent, delay or conceal it; and shall be united and mutually supportive, may not be disputed, shall not affect the work Post, perform duties, and may not leave office without authorization. Working hours, pay attention not to read newspapers, do not listen to recordings, do not watch TV, do not play video games, do not laugh, do not engage in other forms of recreational activities, duty personnel must be on time to the post, well-dressed, custody positions, safety clothing, security equipment. Do not lend to non-security personnel, actively participate in the company squadron organizations.

Chongqing Security Company in the event and group organized group meetings of the rest time, have to reasonably absenteeism, delay rest, affect the normal work. Security personnel are not allowed to doze off during duty. According to the direction and intention of the leader, understand and master the situation of the security forces, combine with the actual situation, establish and improve the system of work and reward and punishment, formulate the safety workplan and training work, do a good job in the implementation and supervision. Prepare safety duties and attendance forms, organize monthly safety reward and punishment assessment, assessment open and fair. Presided over various administrative business meetings. Supervise and inspect the implementation of various rules and regulations, focusing on the implementation of job responsibilities, and seriously do a good job in the ideological construction of the security forces, style training and business training. Formulate responsibility and contingency plan, check security work regularly and irregularly, supervise, inspect and evaluate according to relevant requirements, implement post responsibility system and reward and punishment measures. Grasp the ideological dynamics of the team members, conscientiously do a good job in ideological and political work, help subordinates correctly handle all kinds of problems arising from the work, and solve the practical problems of subordinates. The personal files of security personnel are specially managed by the archivist of the Human resources Department of the company. The realization of electronic information management, can be accessed at any time.

Documents formed in the work of Chongqing Security Company, various materials related to the Safety Service activities of the project department, original records, publications, charts, photo albums, photographs and superior documents, with the value of access and utilization, shall be collected, collated, archived and kept by the internal service department. Archives should be collated and archived according to their interrelationships and preservation values in order to ensure the integrity and integrity of the archives, reflecting the main circumstances of the company and the project Department's Security squadron, and facilitate storage and utilization. All documents must have a frame, placed on a shelf, arranged for science, easy to spot and avoid exposure or bundling. Filing cabinets and archives should be kept clean and hygienic. Chongqing Security Company needs to do a good job of file fire prevention, rodent protection, moisture-proof, anti-theft work. Persevere in efforts to regularly consult the archives, timely processing of problems, reports and make relevant records to ensure the integrity and security of the file files. All files are not allowed to be borrowed at will. Whoever looks up or copies the files, the archivist must register truthfully, indicate the time of inspection, access to the contents, check the names of the personnel, and whether to copy the relevant contents.