How to carry out fire management in Chongqing long-term security
- 2018-12-21-

   Chongqing Long Term securityIs the person who conducts long-term security services in various companies. Fire management is very important to a company, Chongqing long-term security needs to do a good job in the fire management of enterprises.

Chongqing long-term security personnel responsible for fire rooms, fire pumping stations and other key parts of the duty operation of the security staff, should be 24 hours on duty, strictly prohibited from the departure. conscientiously carry out fire inspection, fire publicity, fire evacuation and other firefighting duties, and actively accept public security and fire departments to carry out inspection guidance, and actively assist fire investigation and illegal punishment. Understand the company's safety system and measures, basic information, clear the company's fire risk, fire protection measures after the fire, how to organize personnel evacuation, understand the daily fire safety system. Schools often carry out fire safety checks in order to detect potential fire hazards in a timely manner. Security personnel often carry out security checks in their daily work. They should stop reporting accidents and possible fires in a timely manner and urge that potential fire hazards be cleared as soon as possible. Immediately after the fire, call the police and actively participate in the fire extinguishing. Security personnel shall conscientiously perform their duties and shall not be AWOL.

Chongqing Long-term security guards if a fire is found, should immediately report to the superior, and explain the location of the fire, burning substances and fire conditions. Protect and guard the scene of the fire. After the fire, the security personnel should assist the relevant departments to do a good job of the fire scene alert work, prohibit unrelated personnel to and from the fire, prevent robbery in the event of fire, assist the relevant departments in the fire after the demarcation of the cordon, protect the scene of the fire, Joint inspection of the fire. Familiar with the structure and layout of the company, bearing in mind the location of the company's area, lines, performance and the use of various fire facilities, regular comprehensive testing of the equipment to ensure that the equipment is in good standby at all times. Maintain fire fighting facilities and equipment on a regular basis and maintain obsolete and damaged facilities in a timely manner. Chongqing Long-term security in charge of the area of daily routine inspection, check whether the fire escape is smooth, smoke room is normal work, fire pumping house pressure is normal, fire equipment is intact, whether the illegal use of fire, electrical appliances. Fire fighting facilities, find hidden dangers, timely supervision and remediation. Continuously strengthen the fire safety awareness education for operators, so that operators can understand the use of fire alarm equipment, evacuation routes and fire extinguishers and other basic fire equipment.

Chongqing Long-term security for the fire should be confirmed as soon as possible, timely and accurate, as soon as possible to start the relevant fire equipment, correct and effective organization of fire fighting and evacuation, do a good job in leading decision-making advisers, and directly call 119 to the fire brigade alarm, not late do not When the fire brigade arrives, it should truthfully reflect the situation, assist fire crews to fight the fire, protect the fire scene and investigate the cause of the fire. Responsible for the management of daily surveillance video, no one has the right to read the surveillance video privately, the owner and other relevant personnel need to read the video material, must be approved by the leader, and can be consulted under the leadership of the captain. It is strictly forbidden to stack goods on fire escape and staircase. Evacuation signs and exit signs should be intact. Emergency lighting facilities must be guaranteed to be normal. Construction units are strictly prohibited from carrying flammable and explosive items into the hotel. The construction unit does need to use, with the consent of the relevant personnel, reported to the Ministry of Security Fire Center and Engineering Department for use. Fireworks are strictly prohibited in the warehouse, and temporary wires should not be pulled at will, and heating equipment should not be used. Warehouse lighting is limited to incandescent explosion-proof lamps and explosion-proof fluorescent lamps below 60W, and the use of iodine tungsten lamps is strictly prohibited. When the goods are placed in the warehouse, they should be prevented from carrying fire. Security personnel have the right to check regularly after they have been stored. In addition to regular inspections, it is also important to strengthen night patrol inspections. At night, supervision, foreman, engineers should focus on inspection of power supply and fire source, and pay attention to other abnormal conditions, timely plugging leakage, eliminate hidden dangers.