Chongqing Shopping mall security guards need to pay attention to what at work
- 2018-12-21-

   Chongqing Shopping Mall SecurityIt is the security personnel who carry out security work in the shopping malls. In order to be able to do a good job in the security of shopping malls, Chongqing Mall security guards in the work of the need to pay real-time attention to the entire shopping malls.

Chongqing Shopping Mall security attention to strengthen in-store inspection, timely detection and treatment of a variety of suspicious situations and problems. Mobile patrols should not only take into account the overall situation, but also highlight the focus. Strengthen patrols to key parts of shopping malls, market "hot goods" sales counters, valuables stalls, shop payment offices, crowded places, shop stairs, elevators, merchandise shops and other places. Patrols should be stepped up during peak holiday shopping. Found shoplifting, theft, robbery cases, should promptly inform the local security personnel to carry out interception, recovery operations. At the same time, victims should be comforted and witnesses asked about the situation. If the circumstances are serious, they shall report to the public security organ. Do a good job of safety check before and after opening the store.

Chongqing Shopping mall security guards before opening the shop, check the warehouse, warehouse, important counters of the safety alarm device is working properly, check the power supply, heating, water supply equipment is intact and so on. After opening the shop, the security personnel should urge the sales staff to deposit a large amount of cash in the bank in accordance with the regulations, carefully check whether the doors and windows are closed, whether there are hidden personnel in the store, check whether the power supply and water are properly handled, whether the open fire (cigarette butt) is extinguished, and whether the duty officer has come to the postChongqing Mall Security needs toShopping malls should establish and improve the fire management system, the implementation of business post responsibility system, and gradually issue fire responsibility certificate, strict reward and punishment system. To install fire alarms, equipped with appropriate fire extinguishing equipment, improve fire detection, control and fire extinguishing capacity. Commodity warehouses should be separated from residential areas, business area and fire fighting areas. It is strictly forbidden to store flammable and explosive chemicals of different quality. When patrolling at night, security personnel should cooperate with fire safety inspection to prevent the germination of fire accidents. Master the fire characteristics of shopping malls, and strive to achieve "six cooked", that is, familiar with the layout of shopping malls, architectural characteristics, fire channels, fire water supply situation, familiar with the fire hazards of shopping malls and the corresponding fire prevention measures, familiar with shopping malls key fire hazard areas and control methods; familiar with relevant fire regulations, rules and regulations and their implementation ; Fire fighting organization construction and fire extinguishing capacity; familiar with fire fighting facilities and equipment.

Chongqing Shopping mall security guards need to pay attention to the inspection of suspicious personnel documents, inbound and outbound large items, should check the registration of personal documents, and before and after the opening of inbound and outbound personnel inspection, undocumented inbound and outbound products, such as the identification of specific deadlines, should be taken seriously responsible for suspicious personnel documents for inspection. Do their job well, find suspicious personnel in the patrol, should immediately ask them, found in the mall salesman distribution flyers, business cards and other acts to disrupt the normal business order of the mall should be stopped in a timely manner. In the market for commercial housing decoration, patrol officers should pay attention to check whether there is a violation of decoration management regulations to occupy public fire access, damage fire facilities and potential fire and other phenomena. If there is a violation of the appeal provisions, it shall be processed in a timely manner or reported to the Mall office. In the event of an accident such as a fire hazard, the site should be quickly extinguished or other effective protective measures should be taken and reported in a timely manner. If the decommissioning has serious consequences, the relevant responsibilities shall be investigated according to law. Always be on high alert. Insist on patrolling the jurisdiction area, continue to patrol the jurisdiction area, resolutely eliminate the hidden danger, deal with or report the discovery situation in a timely manner.