How Chongqing security services are handled in the event of an emergency
- 2018-12-21-

   Chongqing Security ServicesAbility to access security services to various regions. In the event of various emergencies, Chongqing security services need to be reasonably resolved to prevent more egregious incidents.

Chongqing Security services for general disputes and anomalies, we can solve them by interpreting educational methods, mainly by distinguishing between right and wrong, patiently persuading and politely treating people. In order to solve the problem of long-term failure to solve and develop trend, we must adopt the principle of "dispersion, non-cohesion, not solution and irreversibility". We should try our best to persuade and patiently mediate to alleviate the problem. We cannot allow contradictions to intensify, which is not conducive to the solution of the problem. In dealing with this problem, we should adhere to the principle of combining education with punishment. If the circumstances of the violation are manifestly minor and no penalty is required, we can educate on the spot. Where a security penalty is required, it shall be handled by the public security organ; in violation of the relevant rules and regulations of the customer, by the customer. Chongqing security services need to stop criminal acts in a timely manner, capture criminals and send them to public security organs. During the period of duty, you should salute, be kind, good, good, good and good when you encounter unregistered, forced entry without a license, no parking, forced parking, no dumping of rubbish and forced dumping of garbage. If you do not listen to the advice, you should immediately report to the head of the customer unit/security point, and ask the person in charge of the customer unit/security point to deal with it in accordance with the regulations.

Chongqing Security Services When there is an argument, security personnel must remain calm and avoid quarrelling. On the one hand, according to the system, in the reporting to customer units at the same time, please the relevant leadership to deal with. If the security personnel carry out arbitrary and unreasonable attacks or ill-treatment, the head of the Guard team, the squadron captain in conjunction with the entrusted unit safety officer, may properly consult and report to the public security organs for handling in accordance with the law. The situation is serious. When the vehicle forcibly breaks into the door, it must quickly remember the appearance characteristics and quantity of the model, color, license plate number, driver and other personnel, and immediately report to the relevant departments and leaders, send people to quickly detect and control the vehicle; forced entry, must immediately inform the Unit's focus and objectives, strengthen vigilance, prevent accidents, if there is a forced accident, Traffic must be reported immediately. Police departments, especially at several traffic junctions close to their units, tried to stop them and prevent further chaos and accidents. When suspicious items enter and leave the package, people can politely ask them to name and quantity the items in the package or package. First, they should open the package or package themselves, remove the items and check them individually to see if there are legal and legal exit procedures.

If there is no public property or property, they should politely say "Thank you for your cooperation" and then let them go. If there is any unknown item or public property in question, it shall be released. If a person refuses to open the package himself, he can politely ask him to wait a moment before reporting to the leader immediately. He asked the heads of the departments concerned to deal with them. In the meantime, he should take care to monitor his behavior and prevent him from escaping. or discard or transfer fur; when there is a crime against criminals, the main treatment methods are: timely suppression, capture, prompt reporting to the public security organs; evacuation of innocent people. Chongqing Security Services The main way to deal with the problem of crowd disturbance is to control and stabilize the leadership team; evacuate bystanders; report promptly to the relevant departments and public security organs in order to calm the situation; Assist the commissioning unit in dealing with the problem; and prevent the expansion of the situation as the main way. The target of an advertisement, fool or drunkard breaking into custody is to persuade him or her to leave the target area of guardianship and to notify his family, units and public security officers when the target area of guardianship is ineffective. These organs exercise control and custody.