Security guards

Security guards

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Security guards need to be able to understand, master and apply the laws and regulations relating to safety work, and be able to take effective public security precautions against all localities within the unit. Safety guards should carry out scientific exercise, physical strength, adapt to high physical requirements, psychological regulation and control ability, can deal with unexpected events without warning, and take effective measures to deal with emergency habits. Safety Guard clothing to be complete, must be handed over 10 minutes in advance, with a good handover record, have full psychological responsibility, conscientiously implement the duty registration system, on duty occurrence and handling of various situations in the Register for detailed registration, clear handover, clear responsibility.

The security guard shall obey the orders of the superior and carry out the task conscientiously. Shall not be malfeasance, shall not harm the interests of the company; security guards should be cautious in their usual words and deeds, be kind and rigorous in their work, ask visitors enthusiastically, politely and patiently, maintain a good image of the company, and maintain the safety of the company's property. Maintain the normal judicial order of the company; Protect criminal and security cases occurring in the company area. Or the scene of a disaster accident, maintain the order of the scene, rectify the illegal acts of the factory, transfer the current suspect to the public security organs or the service area authorities, do a good job of fire prevention, anti-theft, damage and other jurisdictions. Prevent, prevent and control safety and disaster accidents and other safety precautions, strengthen internal safety management, strengthen plant safety workers. Work management. Internal safety should be familiar with the location of water, electricity, fuel, switches, door locks and fire fighting equipment in the plant area to avoid panic. When it is found that there are problems with important electric lights, fuel tanks, cables, etc., report the processing to the logistics or Enterprise management department in time.