Chongqing Security Co., Ltd.

Chongqing Security Co., Ltd.

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Chongqing Security Co., Ltd.Companies that are able to provide security services to individual enterprises, Chongqing security companies are able to provide appropriate security services upon request. The security Department of Chongqing Security company, with the consent of the management office, may arrange duty (on duty) according to the actual work needs. Energetic, upright posture, movement norms, behavior civilization. Do not put your sleeves or hands in your pockets when dressing, going to work, on duty, or entering or leaving public places. Do not carry shoulders, arms, smoking, eating, laughing, do not spit, litter. Provision of preventive security services under Security Service contracts, maintenance of the safety and order of client units, prevention of unlawful infringement of the Guardian's objectives or damage to disasters and accidents, effective avoidance of economic losses caused by the responsibility of service providers or security personnel, and convening of meetings. The security needs of the customer unit.

Chongqing Security Company will be maintenance and regular visits to customers, regular customer service satisfaction survey, feedback to the company, and implement the corresponding improvements, responsible for receiving customer complaints, coordination of customer penalties for the quality of safety services, and timely feedback processing results and public relations. To provide customers with high-quality business advice. Company employees must consciously abide by the work discipline, punctual commuting, not late, do not leave early, working hours may not go AWOL, before going out to do business must seek the consent of the head of the department. The company set up a special customer return team, regular and occasional return visits. All return visits form a return record. The problems found in the return visit are handled by the relevant departments of the company to ensure that all problems must form a one-to-one correspondence result.