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Chongqing Security Services

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Chongqing Security ServicesAbility to provide a variety of security services to help businesses complete their security tasks. Chongqing Security Service will establish a high standard, high requirements of professional security team, with super-hard thinking, good style, strict discipline, well-trained, perfect service characteristics. A high-quality security team needs strict management system, perfect employment training system, perfect self-incentive mechanism and self-restraint mechanism. Only through strict management, effective training, assessment and supervision, employees can maintain and improve their own quality, the formation of high-quality team. Adhere to the principle of "prevention and control and elimination", conscientiously implement the principle of "who is responsible, who is responsible", establish a high-level fire responsibility system, carry out fire safety inspection, and ensure fire safety in all safety areas.

The implementation of the rules and regulations of the security team of Chongqing Security Service is an important guarantee for the quality of security services, as well as a prerequisite for ensuring the safety of customers. Therefore, we should focus on strengthening the implementation of the rules and regulations of the security team, strictly enforce the security work manual, strictly prohibit security personnel from accommodation in dormitories, strengthen the inspection of security personnel items, and strictly compare political checks and informs. Security personnel. Ensure that the safety team completes the safety tasks entrusted by customers and superiors with excellent quality. Do a good job in all aspects of work, improve the quality of management and service personnel, strengthen communication with party A, regularly seek the views of party A, continuously improve services, timely processing of complaints and records, establish a return visit system, processing period: Classification of the possible processing time, generally for immediate. Can be processed for no more than half a day, can not handle the agreed period.