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Chongqing SecurityFrom the design and construction of technical defense system, commissioning and acceptance, maintenance and inspection, police reception and processing, personnel management, customer complaints, information feedback and other aspects, Chongqing Security should follow the rules and principles of each link. Ensure the implementation of all service measures. Second, standardize the construction of the team. Security Service enterprises should attach importance to the introduction and training of dedicated, diligent and thoughtful technical personnel. In the daily management process, the company pays attention to improve the team's political quality and professional quality, establish a mechanism to eliminate the survival of the fittest, and effectively enhance the professional spirit and sense of responsibility of security practitioners. In practical application, due to improper user operation, frequent alarm underreporting and false alarm, resulting in users on the technical and defense system reliability and stability of doubt. To this end, the company organizes professionals to provide systematic training to users, so that users can master the basic knowledge, functions and operating procedures of the technical prevention system, so as to improve the accuracy of the alarm.

Chongqing security is not only a kind of social behavior, but also a kind of business behavior, that is, security service is a paid service provided by security Service company to the society. The service activities carried out by the Security Service company combine responsibility, power and benefit to implement the principle of paid service. This is basically in line with other paid business practices. However, as a service organization providing security services to the community, security service companies provide security services to the community is not free of charge, which is different from the public security organs on behalf of the State to safeguard social security free behavior. It is a paid guarantee service provided strictly in accordance with the terms of the agreement reached in advance by both parties.