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Security services

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Security personnel are professionals who are legally engaged in public security prevention and provide security services to their clients. It is an important force to assist public security organs in maintaining social order and preventing and combating illegal and criminal activities. Professional characteristics require security personnel to have high political quality, professional quality, good professional ethics and code of conduct. Under the Public security regulations, the guards employed shall participate in the training of security personnel training institutions approved by the Provincial Public Security Bureau. Only through the assessment, access to the "Security Personnel Qualification Certificate" and "Security personnel Employment Certificate", in order to engage in security work. Active security personnel receive at least three days of rotation training per year. After the public security organs have passed the examination, they shall conduct an annual review.

Chongqing Security ServicesMust be carried out in accordance with national laws, regulations and the content, form, scope, requirements and other contracts signed with the customer. The public security personnel shall, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, carry out the safety prevention, detection, formulation and combating of illegal and criminal activities. For example, when security personnel provide personal security services to clients, they are entitled to safe clothing, wearing safety equipment, inspecting and verifying the documentation of persons, vehicles and items entering and leaving the work area, and are obliged to maintain criminal law and order. Assist public security organs to investigate and transfer this crime case. People's obligations. In the Securities service activities, the two sides are able to enter into business, which is based on the Security service contract signed by the Securities Company and the customer or the Security service contract signed, which is the basis and basis for the securities service or securitization. Business activities. Security is provided for in the contract or contract. The rights and obligations of both client service companies set out the rights and responsibilities of each word, as well as the time of service, the quality of service, the quantity of services and the price. The whole process of security service development is the process by which the Security Service company performs the contract between the respective contract and the customer.