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Security Company

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Chongqing Security Co., Ltd.Specializing in the provision of property quarters, office buildings, shopping malls, commercial complexes, 4S stores, office buildings, factories, industrial parks, construction sites, and other long-term security services. Auto Show, property opening, various celebrations, security guards, star defense, film and television program guards, and other temporary security services. Our company according to government agencies, enterprise units, high-end residential areas, financial units, shopping malls, property quarters, factory high-end hotels, a variety of temporary activities of different characteristics, the development of the corresponding security doorman services, guarding services and patrol Services program, sent professional security personnel to provide doorman, patrol, anti-theft, protection and other security work.

Companies in accordance with the market-oriented, professional, collectivized management model, under the Finance Department, administrative personnel department, logistics, marketing department, Quality training, operations department and subordinate five project departments and other professional departments. At present, the company's management capacity of more than 5 million parties, the working staff thousands of people, the main service sectors are: residential (high-end), office buildings, commercial complexes, urban complexes, garages, shopping malls, factories, construction sites, hospitals, schools, etc., but also in the development of other business sectors and learning. The main business area is in and around Chongqing main city.