Auto Show security

Auto Show security

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Auto Show security is security for security services at various auto shows. Auto Show security needs to maintain the order of activities, stop the picking and trouble, prevent the absence of tickets, false ticket people mixed into the venue, prevent theft, rogue and other acts, auto show security to prevent internal personnel fraud and theft, auto Show security command site crowd circulation and evacuation, emergency response incident, provide the necessary emergency care. Security work in line with prevention in the former, treatment in the post, evils, the principle of strong protection, to ensure that during the exhibition fire and anti-theft work and prevention of security incidents and other illegal acts, to achieve the exhibition during the safety of people, cars and things.

Auto Show security urges the booth civilized exhortation to arrange and implement the civilized health work of this booth, so that the booth is clean and tidy. Before the opening ceremony of the exhibition to 82 civilized exhort to distribute armbands, after the closing ceremony of the exhibition unified recovery of all armbands and handed over to the organizing committee, in case of re-use. Conduct a full-court inspection every 1 hours, together with the police on duty, to ensure the safety of property at the exhibition site. The service business of inspecting and guarding specific areas, lots and targets by security personnel. Security personnel to the auto show entrance and exit to guard, verify, inspect the service business. The service business of the security personnel in the care and guarding of the vehicles at the auto show.