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Event Security

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With the rapid development of social economy, all kinds of cultural and recreational activities are gradually active, concerts, competitions, exhibitions and other large-scale activities are increasing, the number of participants is too high, the personnel is complex, safe and reliable. The work on the event site should not be underestimated, regardless of the size of the event, activity security should pay attention to clear work tasks. Each work should be quantified, refined, each small link should be fully considered and arranged. To ensure that each task has a person responsible, do a good job of emergency plans to ensure that there are no errors, for the future safety work to lay the foundation for the smooth development. Outdoor activities should do a good job of traffic combing, to ensure smooth road safety, if necessary, the police department can be asked to assist in carrying out traffic order rectification work, to avoid traffic jams, indoor activities to carry out fire safety inspection in advance. The fire management, fire fighting facilities, safety evacuation to carry out a careful inspection, eliminate the hidden dangers of fire houses.

At present, we rely mainly on manpower and dogs to search for and explode large-scale activities, the safety of personnel mainly rely on safety doors, X-ray machines and handheld metal detectors. A large number of personnel arrived in a short period of time, can not do the same detailed inspection as airport security, can not guarantee the rapid passage and ensure overall security, can only achieve rapid access, while also being able to inspect people and goods, can not be meticulous, can not identify documents. The identification of persons entering the country and explosives cannot be accurate. In order to ensure absolute security, there are huge security risks. In large-scale mass events, the police on duty are equipped with walkie-talkie, handheld detectors, explosion-free search equipment, large-scale fast face recognition equipment. The search dogs are coordinated by the municipality. The backward equipment made it more difficult to control the contraband carried by the participants, leaving a hidden danger and increasing the number of police officers. Workload. As a result, there is a lack of preventive and deterrent capacity in the context of modern, intelligent and high-tech terrorist bombings.