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Service requirements for Chongqing security Services
- 2018-12-10-

   Chongqing Security Servicesis based on customer requirements to carry out a variety of security services. During the period of Chongqing Security Service, it is necessary to work on all aspects of security in the designated areas of the customer, and it is necessary to ensure that no safety problems occur during the Chongqing Security Service.

Chongqing Security Service is based on security services to provide security services, must be in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations, policies and service contracts under the powers and responsibilities of the exercise of authority, the implementation of public security management. Without management, service is just empty talk. Service is achieved by management. It must be clear that management is the means, that service is the end, and that the purpose of management is service. Through effective management, to achieve the purpose of service for owners and customers. According to the requirements of the owner's unit, inspect the entry and exit personnel of the owner's unit to reduce the possibility of no personnel entering or leaving the person. According to the requirements of the owner's unit, the incoming and outgoing materials are inspected to improve the safety of the owner's property. Manage the vehicle entrance and exit of the owner's unit to ensure the traffic order and the orderly material. Manage the public areas and parking lots of the owner's unit to ensure orderly parking and safe access. Standardize the fire protection facilities of the owner's unit, deal with the situation in time, and ensure the normal operation of the fire fighting facilities. Supervise the safety facilities of the owner's unit, deal with the problems in time, and improve the waterproof level of safety technology.

Chongqing security services need to increase patrols, timely reporting and handling of anomalies, to eliminate adverse factors. Make all kinds of emergency plans and deal with all kinds of emergencies in an orderly manner. According to the actual situation of customers, regularly organize the implementation of major security checks. Timely detection and elimination of potential security risks, major safety hazards should be reported in a timely manner to customer units to solve, temporarily can not solve the security personnel to strictly prevent until the solution. Especially in major holidays and customer units and other key parts of the financial office, should be repeated inspection, must not leave any dead end. Validate one by one. In general, when a visitor is 2 metres ~3 metres from the guard, the guard should tell him to stop and show his papers. After receiving the certificate, he should first look at the cover of the certificate and then view the identity of the home page. Focus on checking the photo and keeping the person's appearance consistent, whether the seal Printing unit and Distribution unit are consistent and whether it expires. When checking at night, we need to be vigilant and take care to keep ourselves safe. If verified to be non-problematic, return the certificate and politely notify the release. Those who refuse to issue documents or documents are not allowed to enter. In the event of a dispute, report to the Entrustment unit in time, and invite the relevant personnel to come to deal with it.

Chongqing Security Service for inbound and outbound personnel, the key is to check whether they have prohibited items. When entering a vehicle, it is necessary to check whether a flammable and explosive dangerous goods are installed and whether they are fitted with unrelated personnel. For unrelated people, it is recommended that they get out of the car and wait outside. Chongqing Security Services for the outbound transport of goods personnel and vehicles, to carefully check the transport document or warehouse unloading document, focus on checking whether the name, specifications and quantity of the goods in line with the document. During the inspection, the person being inspected should manually open the door, suitcase and packaging, check one by one or select the key items according to the situation. A safe distance should be maintained, and attention should be paid to observing their facial expressions to prevent their discarded items from escaping, suddenly driving or murdering with items, while paying attention to their own safety. Provide preventive safety services under the Security Service contract, maintain the safety and order of the customer unit, prevent the target from being unlawfully infringed or damaged by disaster or accident, and effectively avoid the economic loss caused. Service providers or security personnel to meet the security needs of customer units. Security personnel inspect specific areas, locations and targets to keep customers safe. Through patrols, it is possible to stop illegal elements and eliminate attempts by illegal elements against customers; by patrolling, suspects can be found, suspects should be interrogated and can be dealt with by the relevant authorities; and appropriate measures should be taken to put an end to ongoing violations. Illegal actors can be sent to a public security plane. Relevant or related departments to deal with.