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Chongqing Security Company's security work at the event site
- 2018-12-17-

   Chongqing Security Co., to carry out security work in various places. Chongqing Security Company will also carry out security services for various activities, in order to be able to allow the entire event to proceed normally, it is necessary to allow all Chongqing security companies to do a reasonable activity site security plan.

Chongqing security companies need to have a sound and strict safety Service plan is an important prerequisite for clear responsibilities, improve work efficiency and quality, and reduce service risk. The finer the plans of Chongqing security companies, the better their implementation, the less risky they are. To develop a service plan, we must first strengthen organizational leadership. The security company and the employing unit shall be particularly responsible for the communication and liaison work of the experienced personnel and discuss security matters jointly in accordance with diligence and practice. Scientific deployment of Chongqing security companies is needed. According to the requirements of specific tasks in each district of the site, skilled selection of personnel, reasonable deployment of troops, clear task division. They can be divided into several echelon, the task is heavy, the front line is long, the personnel is many. Chongqing security companies can be subordinate to several groups to further decompose tasks. Each echelon and each team shall designate the person in charge to realize the unity of duties, powers and interests, arouse enthusiasm and strengthen the execution ability. When arranging a service, you should reserve a certain amount of mobile power. In the event of an emergency, Chongqing security companies should be able to respond to and deal with emergencies in a timely manner and be ready to support weak areas.

The logistics support work of Chongqing Security company should be done well. According to the needs of the service, configure the corresponding number of equipment, clear implementation of the service of the means of transport, routes, clothing requirements, assembly time, location and other related content. The key to effective risk aversion is to refine each work to the specific person responsible. Where necessary, plans and contracts should clarify the responsibilities of units such as traffic control, explosive search and detonation, medical rescue, and arrange on-site duty for professional equipment and personnel such as fire and medical care. According to the actual situation on site, develop an emergency response action plan and preview the disposal plan so that everyone knows how to respond to the occurrence of the police. Site organizers should pay attention to all links, every detail, the work is steady and orderly. One is instant communication. Keep in touch with the site supervisor to ensure the information is smooth and well matched. If there is a temporary change in the duty plan, it is necessary to adapt and block the gaps. Strengthen the supervision of Chongqing security Company. The discipline and duties performed by each post shall be subject to random supervision and inspection, and all problems existing in the work should be detected and corrected in a timely manner. There are no job openings if there is an inspection of the existence of off-duty and perfunctory obstruction of liability. Through supervision, the responsibility and implementation of security personnel are further strengthened, so as to effectively avoid the risk of service.

Chongqing Security company properly handle all kinds of situation at the event site. For relatively closed venues, when it is found that the number of participants far exceeds the pre-judgment, the consent of the organizer should be obtained to quickly close the entrance, control and arrange the entrance in batches, in order to reduce the pressure on the venue and prevent congestion and stampede accidents. When unknown or suspicious explosives are found at the scene, the site headquarters should be reported immediately and professionals should be notified. Personnel departments should always deal with the situation and do a good job of vigilance. No loud noise shall be made until the situation is ascertained, so as not to panic and disturb; When an explosive alert is received at the scene, it shall immediately cease to enter the scene and promptly organize the evacuation of the site by personnel due to equipment failure, delay or cancellation activities, in order to prevent accidents. In the event of fire, flood, explosion and other accidents, decisive measures should be taken. Open all channels, guide the orderly evacuation of the crowd, in accordance with the "first control after elimination, first save people, focus first and then accommodation" principle of organizing emergency, to reduce losses to a large extent. All contestants must perform a safety scan and must wear the entry documents or watch the documents before they can enter the competition. Where non-staff members enter the site, they must undergo safety work inspection, refuse to cooperate, not enter the site, break into the site, by the security personnel on the spot to stop, do not obey the advice, by the scene security personnel timely dissuasion; those who do not follow the advice will be taken away.