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The job responsibilities of Chongqing 4S store security
- 2018-12-17-

   Chongqing 4S Store SecurityIt is the security personnel who carry out security services in the 4S shop, in order to make the whole 4S store safe and hassle-free, Chongqing 4S store security guards need to do their duty. Chongqing 4S Store security requires regular patrol inspection of the entire 4S store to record all incoming and outgoing vehicles.

Chongqing 4S Store Security is responsible for the safety of all vehicles inside and outside the company during the day. Responsible for the maintenance of inbound and outbound vehicle safety, parking and parking belt collection. Chongqing 4S Store Security is responsible for the management and registration of vehicles and personnel entering and leaving at night. All foreign vehicles and personnel entering and leaving the company at night must complete the "Vehicle personnel entry and exit registration form", accurately register the guests ' entry and exit time, and verify the list of items carried by vehicles and personnel. Chongqing 4S Store security needs regular (every two hours) responsible for the company's maintenance workshop, parking lot, spare parts department, Exhibition Hall Quality Department inspection, eliminate all kinds of unsafe hidden dangers, prevent fire, explosion, robbery, theft and other illegal acts.

Chongqing 4S Store security guards in the course of patrolling, found suspects, incidents, timely stop or notify the company duty personnel, company leaders or call 110 call. Ensure the safety of company property and personnel. In the performance of their duties, must be in accordance with the provisions of black clothing, black trousers, black shoes, black jackets, loyal to duty, serious performance of duties, adhere to the post, on time induction, not late, do not leave early. It is strictly forbidden to post, shift and leave the post, and the vehicles entering and leaving the company need backup services. Responsible for the safety of all inbound and outbound vehicles, responsible for the maintenance of inbound and outbound vehicles, parking safety and factory unloading strip collection maintenance. The license plate number of the vehicle entering the company is carefully registered by the duty officer. Where the company's goods out, whether units or individuals, must complete the financial formalities, the Janitor should be strictly checked. If the program is incomplete or inconsistent, release should be refused. Make a good record of your daily work. The record forms include: visitation registration forms, night shifts, telephone registration forms, and monthly and annual accounts.

Chongqing 4S Store Security is responsible for the company's fire, water, electricity, doors and windows and other related equipment safety inspection, do a good job in energy conservation, eliminate potential safety hazards. In case of emergency, such as fire, to calm down, decisively take emergency plan measures, timely alarm superior leadership, and actively do a good job in emergency relief work, to avoid the company's property losses. If a breach of discipline or theft is found, it must be stopped, reported and recorded in a timely manner. In the event of a security accident or disaster, an active and effective response should be taken and reported to the public security organs or relevant departments in a timely manner. Responsible for the custody of all kinds of vehicles of workers in accordance with the regulations, strictly prohibit the entry of workers and vehicles. Bicycles, motorcycles and cars shall be guided and stored in accordance with the regulations and the parking order should be maintained. Chongqing 4S Store Security is responsible for the company's entire site corridor environmental health work, timely maintenance of the company's greening, timely cleaning of the entire company corridor, to ensure cleanliness. Responsible for the company's waste, garbage disposal and disposal, timely to the garbage collection Office collection, to avoid affecting the company's environmental health. Regularly check the control of the building around the door, wall, entrance and exit, do a good job in the company car Hall night lighting layout, and according to the prescribed time to control outdoor billboards, company signs, brand signs, check the office area, timely closure of electrical appliances, saving electricity.