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How Chongqing Temporary Security guards conduct security for large events
- 2018-12-27-

   Chongqing Temporary SecurityIs the person who is able to carry out security work on various temporary activities. For the large-scale activities, Chongqing Temporary security needs to make reasonable arrangements for security, need to do a sound staffing, so as to provide security efficiency.

Temporary security in Chongqing needs to determine the basic circumstances of the activity. Includes time: The entire activity time, the activity time of the defensive object. Participants, VIP number, VIP level and accompanying staff. Activity content: The theme of the event, whether there are banquets, press conferences, press conferences and so on. Event Location: Activity area, defense object route. Strict inspection of all entry and exit personnel and vehicle documents reveals that persons and vehicles illegally using documents are not allowed to enter. Strict control of the entry and exit of vehicles and personnel. To ensure the personal safety of key dignitaries, to ensure the safety of participants ' personal and property, to guarantee the safety and smooth passage of VIP vehicles, to ensure the smooth running of activities, to prevent fire and public security incidents, and to prevent suspicious persons from entering the VIP activity area. The fire room sent someone to stay in the back, responsible for handling the fire alarm work. It also keeps track of VIP events. The control room monitors all suspicious persons and suspicious situations in the VIP activity area through television surveillance.

The perimeter guard post of Chongqing Temporary Security guard is responsible for observing when the VIP convoy arrives, preparing for the reception, strictly observing the presence or absence of suspicious persons in the outlying areas, and ensuring the safety of the VIP and the personnel, the vehicle. Guide the VIP car into a dedicated parking space. The Greenhouse sentry post is responsible for the protection of various operations, observing whether there are suspicious personnel and idle personnel in the greenhouse, and clearing the area in time. The security personnel accompanying the VIP are responsible for the security of the VIP activities. They were very cautious about all the suspicious people and situations along the same. In the event of a crisis, the distinguished guests and their entourage should be quickly redeployed from the safe passage. The security personnel accompanying the VIP should have a high degree of responsibility, courage and meticulous ability to deal with all kinds of emergencies. After entering the stadium, it is necessary to prevent people from throwing flammable and explosive items into the podium and the front and rear platform of the performance to prevent the occurrence of fire. In the event of the above, fire extinguishers should be used immediately to extinguish the fire and prevent the spread of fire.

After the admission of temporary security guards in Chongqing, the security personnel entering the duty to prevent people from invading and blocking entry and exit. Other security personnel inspected and observed the parking lot and found it immediately extinguished to prevent the car from burning and exploding. In large events, accidents or other problems may occur. At this time, securities companies need to constantly improve the entire program, and actively develop a variety of emergency measures to ensure that accidents and problems can be effectively and reliably resolved once. Ensure that the contact at the event site can achieve a timely, good, coordinated and unified state, so as to effectively improve the safety of the event site. We should know that every city now carries out large-scale activities on a regular basis. Whether it's concerts, business shows or exhibitions, there will be a lot of people coming and going. At this time, in order to ensure the safety of activities, hire professional security companies to serve them, often can achieve better results. The doorman's greeting office is responsible for meeting dignitaries and participants. Standing posture and salute should be standard. The surrounding area of the company closely monitored, whether there are suspicious personnel, strict control of personnel access; VIP dedicated parking guard security guard VIP Special vehicles to prevent suspicious personnel theft and destruction of vehicles; The staff of the import and export offices within the venue are responsible for control. Access for security personnel; security personnel are on standby in the security lounge and ready to deploy.