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Job requirements of security in Chongqing community
- 2018-12-25-

   Chongqing Community SecuritySecurity personnel who carry out security work in various neighborhoods need to make certain demands on the work of security in Chongqing community in order to be able to carry out the security work of the community perfectly.

Chongqing Community Security needs to be familiar with the relevant laws and regulations, abide by the property center, securities companies of the relevant regulations and systems, must be civilized induction, in accordance with the law to carry out official duties. Familiar with surrounding community, personnel, vehicles and related situations, familiar with post tasks. In the work, we must use polite language, speak civilized terms, do civilized things, positive enthusiasm, good service and maintain a good image of the security forces. conscientiously carry out their duties and take up their posts on time. They are not allowed to be late, leave early, fill out handover records. Dress neatly in the post, do not wear casual clothes, mix clothes, posture is correct, do not carry shoulders, rely on posts and so on. No induction, off duty, off duty, sleep. They are not allowed to lie down, lie down or meet visitors in their posts. They are not allowed to drink or eat in their posts. They are not allowed to drink for work, nor are they allowed to engage in any recreational activities in their posts. When unlicensed vehicles enter the gate of the area, security personnel should first send a signal of the driver's parking. After parking, security personnel should raise their hands to pay homage, ask the vehicle into the community reasons, and according to the regulations to register and release, close the community gate.

The security guards of Chongqing District must inspect and verify the visitors and foreign vehicles, register them strictly in accordance with the regulations, dissuade those who do not meet the conditions for entry, report suspicious cases in a timely manner, handle them reasonably and ensure safety. Develop procedures to deal with all kinds of emergencies and establish and improve various safety systems. Handle unexpected events on duty, such as fire, theft, etc. Call the police immediately and contact the fire brigade and Public Security department in time. The establishment of a normal inspection system, clear key defense objectives, the realization of the opposite point of integration. According to the area of jurisdiction and surrounding social security, equipped with the corresponding security personnel, supervision and inspection of security personnel 24-hour duty system implementation. Maintain close communication with security personnel, check the security work within the jurisdiction from time to day, check the attendance of duty personnel, give timely guidance.

The security captain of Chongqing district security guard insisted on regular inspection and night inspection of security posts, and timely pointed out the work errors and abnormal behavior of security personnel. Security personnel must be honest and honest, set an example, behave fairly, have a high sense of responsibility for their work, and should not neglect their duty. Maintain the normal work order and public order of the community, eliminate the hidden dangers of the budding state, prevent hidden dangers. We must strictly abide by the company's rules and regulations. conscientiously implement the job registration system, take place on the job and deal with various situations, in the register for detailed registration, clear handover, clear responsibility. Strengthen fire fighting work to detect and eliminate potential fire hazards in the near future. Remember the location of water, electricity, fuel, switches, door locks and fire fighting equipment in the park to avoid panic, regularly inspect and register fire hoses, and immediately notify the security captain if any faults are found. If the important electric lights or doors and windows are defective, they shall report them to the competent departments in time.