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The occupation of security in Chongqing community
- 2019-01-15-

      Chongqing Community SecurityLimited to areas requiring services, mainly gates, supplemented by other bars. Obviously, the guard was not a stake standing there, but a clever and impartial security guard who eventually took responsibility and took on a huge responsibility. Is it not the voice of the departmental image, but the communicator of the department's reputation, or the intimacy of the owners who can work, learn and live peacefully? Therefore, the service market is constant, and security is to show competitive advantage in the abstract market, image change, psychological change, dynamic change. It can be said that the property security situation is different from occupational safety and armed police. Only with their own unique ideological theory, behavior and practical value, can we establish the banner, can be spread by society, in order to be recognized by society. Therefore, the guards not only stand there, but also rely on the cooperation of the eye and God, the adjustment of ideas and ideas, the combination of words and deeds, in order to gather enthusiasm and appeal, to cope with the changing situation, to play a real security role.

Chongqing Community Security is people-oriented. In property management, the primary task of safety is human safety, followed by the safety of buildings, ancillary equipment and public facilities. If there are safety requirements, there will be cleaning/convenience requirements, comfort requirements, enjoyment requirements, etc., otherwise, all property management will not be able to talk about. Imagine if a property management company could not provide real protection for the life and property safety of the owner or user. What property is he concerned about? As a new occupation in our city, property safety is an important responsibility for maintaining and protecting property, protecting owners and family safety, providing a comfortable environment for owners and families, creating a noble atmosphere of civilization, promoting harmony and stability in the community, and promoting community building. Clear technical means and methods to prevent and stop the occurrence of man-made and natural disasters, such as short circuit of wires, elevator closure, burst of water pipes, fire accidents, theft, etc., to ensure that owners or users are not harmed, property is not damaged, work/life order is normal. Property security personnel are required to seriously study and master the knowledge of laws and regulations, strictly in accordance with the legal procedures, to protect legitimate acts, to investigate and punish illegal and criminal acts in accordance The property security personnel are required to establish a firm concept of organization, consciously abide by the discipline and rules and regulations of property security services, obey the leadership and obey the command. Especially at present, all kinds of illegal elements will make every effort to use all kinds of illegal means to corrode and attract property security personnel. Property security personnel should strengthen the concept of legal concept and organization, strengthen their own self-cultivation, improve anti-corrosion ability.

At present, most Chongqing community security companies are very headache security team construction, such as the overall quality of personnel is not high, frequent movement of personnel, recruitment difficulties, service security awareness is not strong, disobedient management, serious theft phenomenon. But in the property management enterprise, the security position in the property management is irreplaceable. In addition to the responsibility of maintaining the regional order of the property, it is also the banner of the company's external image propaganda, playing the role of image display. Security personnel work at the forefront of property management. They contact the owner (customer) directly to provide the most services to the owner (customer). Direct Property Management Services, so that the level of security team control and service has a direct impact on the overall property management service quality and brand reputation. As the compulsory fire protection personnel of the owner's unit, the property security should first clarify the duty, do a good job in the fire work of the owner's unit, ensure the safety of the owner's unit personnel and property, and maintain public order. Second, in the work to delineate the scope of responsibility, clear responsible people, the implementation of Division of labor, enhance the sense of responsibility for work. Third, property security should strictly enforce the fire work of customer units. To carry out fire fighting work, laws, regulations and the fire protection system of the owner's unit shall be implemented.