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Business capability of Chongqing security Company
- 2019-01-22-

Chongqing Security Co., Ltd.The traditional business scope mainly includes doormen, guards, patrols, business sports activities, safety services, armed escorts, road traffic wardens, special security services, safety equipment marketing, safety consulting, undertaking safety projects, establishing a safety system, social security and so on. In the context of reform and opening up, Dalian's security service industry has been extended to property areas, primary and secondary schools, large-scale event security, car park conservation, marine and other new service areas. Shenzhen security Services Enterprises are also involved in entertainment venues, internet cafes and other special industry units, highly toxic explosions and other dangerous goods distribution centers, enterprises and institutions, schools, property areas, financial circles and so on. Through the expansion of areas, car parks, safety technology and defense, special watchdog, locking business, commercial large-scale activities safety work, traffic security, garbage acquisition, pawn and other industries, vigorously develop urban safety services, has become more and more cities of industrial strategy. Change the business philosophy, expand the service area.

Chongqing Security Company needs to carry out in-depth market research, extend the technology defense antenna to enterprises, institutions, shops and families, pay attention to the balanced development of the region. In the development and layout of technical defense, according to the economic ability of different regions, the importance and complexity of protective parts and the safe environment of protective sites, local conditions and local conditions are planned. On the one hand, the company "go out", through the developed countries and regions of the security industry research, participate in the International Security Products Expo, training foreign advanced Security Service enterprises, broaden horizons, enhance knowledge, change the concept. On the other hand, it is "imported" to bring back the advanced Safety Industry service mode, development idea and technology of developed countries and regions to their own enterprise management. The company is striving to cooperate with international advanced Security enterprises, establish new security enterprises, vigorously promote the scientific and technological progress of China's security service enterprises, shorten the gap with the world's advanced level.

Chongqing Security Company includes security services, special insurance services and security patrol services. According to the different characteristics of enterprises, property areas, factories, shopping malls and government agencies, the company formulates the corresponding security services, security services and patrol service programs, and is equipped with professional security personnel to provide security services. Companies for enterprises, institutions, institutions, groups, social organizations or individuals to provide safety or security issues, safety precautions, safety system regulations, as well as safety engineering, home alarm system installation, commissioning, use and other business consulting activities. Professional Bodyguard Elite Team, in special bodyguards, personal bodyguards, personal bodyguards, private bodyguards and other security work has a wealth of practical experience, with a good military style and professional ethics, rapid response, professionalism and cultural cultivation of noble, faithful to provide you with internal security services. The scope of the law to protect your personal safety.! The company vigorously develop technical prevention services, and strive to improve the scientific and technological content of safety services, give full play to the positive role of scientific and technological means in crime prevention, protection of customer safety and so on, and gradually form a comprehensive prevention network of civil Defense combined. Defense, material defense and technology prevention.