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The service consciousness of Chongqing security guard
- 2019-01-31-

      Chongqing SecurityOn the front lines of security prevention. Inevitably, they have to fight against all kinds of illegal and criminal acts. The operation of security personnel should have the spirit of not afraid of suffering, not afraid of suffering, not afraid of suffering, not afraid of sacrifice. When customers ' property and lives are violated, they should dare to stand up and resolutely crack down on criminals. On the other hand, in order to win the support, trust and understanding of customers, we should be civilized, polite, respect others, friendly, reasonable, act in accordance with the law, so that security services better. Security personnel should have a strong sense of responsibility, serious and responsible work, spiritual encouragement, diligence and due diligence, abide by the contract, positive and thoughtful, enthusiasm for customer service, make greater efforts to meet customer needs, to ensure the safety of customer units. At the same time, in our daily life and work, we should also actively help the crisis, care and help others, which is also the minimum social responsibility requirements that citizens should have. Only in this way can we firmly establish the concept of providing high quality and high level safety Service to our customers wholeheartedly.

Chongqing security duties require a high degree of vigilance, enhance the safety of important places, strengthen anti-theft activities, timely detection of suspicious people and goods, and proper handling. Strengthen fire safety awareness and activities, find fire hazards, timely elimination. Familiar with the company inside and outside the water, electricity, gas, switches, door locks, flammable goods warehouses, fire equipment and other places. In order to avoid temporary panic, fire fighting equipment should be checked and registered on a regular basis. If a failure is found, the security captain should be notified immediately. Important doors and windows, electric lights, wires and other defects, should be promptly reported to the competent departments to deal with. Maintain the normal work order and public order within the company's office space, eliminate the hidden dangers in the bud, and prevent its germination. We must strictly abide by the company's rules and regulations. If there is an offence, it is punished in accordance with the regulations on the Punishment of Public Security Administration. Security personnel must collect the release documents from the day before work and send them to the relevant departments for reference. Cooperate with the leader to do a good job after work, check the safety of office space and dormitory conditions.

Chongqing Security is an important part of maintaining social order. It's not easy to form a security team. It needs to have a certain social foundation, get the support of all walks of life, and be recognized by all kinds of owners. In order to improve the overall quality of the safety team, it is necessary to start from the team members themselves, strengthen learning and training, enhance the safety awareness of the team members, enhance the ideological awareness of the team members, improve the conditions of the team members. Therefore, under the reasonable restraint of safety system, post duties and duties, the safety maintenance work should be carried out comprehensively. It can be said that the attitude, ideology, sense of responsibility and image display of the members of the security team are inseparable from the management system, management methods and training level, working environment and personal income of the department. According to the nature of security work can be summed up as: decentralized centralization, individual and collective, one person and one society and other forms.