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What does Chongqing long-term security need to pay attention to
- 2018-12-10-

   Chongqing Long Term securityis to carry out long-term security services for each enterprise or community, and the security of the working area needs to be guaranteed. Chongqing Long-term security needs to pay attention to its own work area of the security issues of regular patrols, to ensure that there will be no security problems.

Chongqing Long-term security needs to wear uniforms, sleeves, open-minded, not allowed to wear other casual clothes outside the uniform, can not roll pants legs, do not wear jackets, casual clothes, scarves. Do not wear tinted glasses except for work needs or eye trauma. Male players are not allowed to have long hair, bun, large sideburns, curls and beards when wearing police uniforms, and female players are not allowed to braid their shoulders or wear jewelry with heavy makeup. Except in exceptional circumstances, a hat shall be worn in the performance of his duties and in uniform. For foreign vehicles, it is necessary to clarify their origin and do a good job in the issuance and registration of licences. Offshore vehicles verified not to have a corresponding licence shall not be released; The report shall be released after verification by the management office. We should strictly enforce the transfer system. At the handover, the two sides should check each post, whether the handover is serious, whether the formalities are completed, whether the instrument or instrument complies with the relevant regulations, whether the handover project is complete, whether there is a handover project, and to identify the problem. Correct in time, do a good job of registration.

Chongqing Long-term security guards in the fire: keep a clear head, calm, unhurried, especially when the duty personnel should organize an orderly evacuation of personnel and alarm 119. When alerting, it is necessary to state the location, unit, telephone, fire nature and report in a timely manner. At the same time, to organize the field personnel to carry out emergency rescue work: First, cut off the power supply, cut off the gas, transfer flammable and explosive items, the second is to scientific treatment, such as: firepower can not be cut off, circuit fire can not water fire. Third, the designation of special personnel guidance and elimination. prevent vehicles from entering; four hours to prevent illegal elements from flying to destroy. When a major traffic accident occurs, the Transportation Bureau shall be informed that the two shall keep the scene properly, send someone to look after them, and the three shall control the parties, and the four shall direct and direct the traffic. Stand on the designated post, posture should be correct, do not bend, back. Don't lean on the post, the corner, the trees, etc. When standing, your hands hang down and your fingers close naturally. Your hand is in the middle of the seam of your trousers. You can't put your hands in your pockets or pants.

Chongqing Long-term security guards when someone is talking, your eyes should be fixed to each other's eyes. You should pay attention to what the other person says, don't look left, don't be distracted. Responsible for the company's workshop inside and outside the patrol, do a good job of patrol records, timely handling of the patrol process found in the illegal incidents and fire hazards. Chongqing Long-term security inspection of the company's warehouses, offices (especially finance rooms) and kitchens, timely detection of suspicious phenomena and illegal factors, take measures and report to the relevant leaders. Responsible for preventing, investigating, hearing and dealing with vicious incidents such as theft, interception and brawl within the company. Responsible for the custody of all types of vehicles, as required, and guide foreign employees in the custody of bicycles, motorcycles and cars. Proper custody and use of safety equipment shall not be lent to others for use. If damage is caused by loss or improper use, the security personnel shall indemnify the same price. As a shield for security guards, batons should not be used in non-emergency situations or when personal safety is at risk, let alone attacked others under any pretext or justification.