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Professional ethics of security in Chongqing community
- 2019-02-07-

Chongqing Community Securityis a sacred service occupation, is a group to maintain social order, is an important auxiliary police force. However, property security is limited to areas requiring services, mainly on doors and columns, supplemented by other bars. Obviously, the guard was not a stake standing there, but a clever and impartial security guard who eventually took responsibility and took on a huge responsibility. Is it not the voice of the departmental image, but the communicator of the department's reputation, or the intimacy of the owners who can work, learn and live peacefully? Therefore, the service market is constant, and security is to show competitive advantage in the abstract market, image change, psychological change, dynamic change. It can be said that the property security situation is different from occupational safety and armed police. Only with their own unique ideological theory, behavior and practical value, can we establish the banner, can be spread by society, in order to be recognized by society. Therefore, the guards not only stand there, but also rely on the cooperation of the eye and God, the adjustment of ideas and ideas, the combination of words and deeds, in order to gather enthusiasm and appeal, to cope with the changing situation, to play a real security role.

Special physical training is necessary to ensure that security guards in Chongqing community are able to withstand all kinds of difficulties, dangers and even despair in carrying out security tasks. We should not only adhere to push-ups, sit-ups, 5 kilometers of long-distance running and other routine physical exercise, but also have a planned, systematic hunger, heat, cold resistance, drowsiness and other almost cruel training, cultivate extraordinary physical strength. Patience and perseverance. According to different regions, different types of events, different levels of risk, around the command and coordination, ambulance services, strength and other issues, combined with various forces, set up a difficult, high-intensity exercise subjects, in various ways, directions, uninterrupted comprehensive exercise. Ed's approach enables everyone to fully understand the main types and characteristics of emergencies and master the treatment methods. Work closely with all forces to prepare for the danger. Implement a human resources strategy. Break through the bottleneck restricting the development of the integrated service mode of safety civil defense, physical defense and technical defense, and strengthen the introduction and training of safety technicians. First, actively introduce high-level talents urgently needed for security activities, especially those who know how to do business, understand the economy, know technology and can bear hardships and stand hard work, enrich security personnel and improve the overall service level, and strengthen training. Training of security technicians, depending on the age, position, culture and position of the subject of the training. Tiered Training

The professional ethics of security in Chongqing community is the moral code and standard that people follow when they engage in a certain occupation. Under the premise of a specific occupation, it is morally stipulated that the person engaged in a certain occupation should adopt what kind of thought, emotion, attitude, style and action to deal with his work, and establish a good image in the industry in order to adjust the relationship between the staff and the outside world. Property security is a special profession. Property security is engaged in service work, forming their own professional ethics. The main contents are as follows: 1. They like residential areas, owners and service owners. Love the community, the service industry owner, is the property company all professionals Common professional ethics, is also the property Safety Service professional ethics, in the property Safety Service occupies the first place. In view of the particularity of property security services, property security personnel are required to firmly establish the concept that the interests of owners and companies are higher than all work. In thought, we should link the fate and property security service work with the fate and interests of the owners and the company, consciously serve the interests of the owners and the company, and serve the industry wholeheartedly and diligently. Main services.