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Chongqing Special Insurance Service need to pay attention to what
- 2018-12-12-

   Chongqing Special Insurance Serviceis to enter security services for a variety of large events or performances. In order to complete the work of Chongqing Special Insurance Service, it is necessary to understand the situation of the whole activity, need to know the location and time of the whole event.

Chongqing Special Insurance Service usually has the characteristics of large field, heavy task, complicated situation, difficult control, many uncertainties and high risk of emergency. In order to effectively avoid the risk of temporary security services, to achieve the security company and customers win-win goals. Prior to the conduct of temporary security services, it is necessary to collect information on all aspects and to conduct a comprehensive analysis and judgement in order to confirm the legitimacy and effectiveness of the services. Check whether the principal has the qualifications and authority to organize, plan and carry out the activities, and whether it has the administrative examination and approval procedure stipulated by the Government organ. There is no qualification and imperfect approval procedures, service contracts signed hastily, not protected by law. In confirming the eligibility and validity of the customer service program, you should do the following before signing the contract. One is to visit the relevant functional departments, and the other is to visit potential stakeholders associated with the event. Understand the response of the Parties to the event, whether there are neighbourhood contradictions or disputes, and which disadvantages. Then, based on the available information, the service risk is evaluated and prejudged. Suppose that once the service is implemented, various situations can occur on site. For example, whether the service can proceed smoothly, how much resistance or risk is, and how it can be handled and disposed of effectively. When a securities firm is a major part of the service, it is necessary to urge the organizers of the event to coordinate with the government function in order to obtain effective support.

Chongqing Special Insurance Service Company according to the nature and scale of the service, weigh the pros and cons, according to their ability to take Chongqing special Insurance services, in order to avoid loss or negative impact on the company. An important link before conducting temporary security services is conducting on-site investigations. Only when the situation at the event is clear can the Force be properly dispatched and effectively deployed to avoid the risk of service.NeedCarefully inspect the terrain of the main site and the perimeter site. In the case of relatively closed sites, it is important to estimate whether the scale of the activity corresponds to the actual number of people that can be accommodated on site, leaving some room. The second is to check whether the site hardware facilities have the necessary basic conditions for organizing activities. The construction of stage and site protection facilities shall ensure thatRelatedThe prescribed fire safety standards. Third, to observe the environment around the site, to ensure easy control and management, in the event of an accident, there should be a clear direction and route of evacuation. IV, based on the situation on the ground, it can be seen whether the programme developed by the contractor can meet the actual service needs. These situations should be understood in detail, recorded and masteredFirstHand information. The problems identified need to be submitted to the organizer in a timely manner and resolved through consultation between the two sides.

Chongqing Special Insurance Service perfect strict Safety Service plan is an important prerequisite to clarify responsibilities, improve work efficiency and quality, and reduce service risk. The finer the plan, the better the implementation, the less risky it is. To develop a service plan, we must first strengthen organizational leadership. The security company and the employing unit shall be particularly responsible for the communication and liaison work of the experienced personnel and discuss security matters jointly in accordance with diligence and practice. Second, the scientific deployment of security forces. According to the requirements of specific tasks in each district of the site, skilled selection of personnel, reasonable deployment of troops, clear task division. They can be divided into several echelon, the task is heavy, the front line is long, the personnel is many. They can be subordinate to several groups to further decompose tasks. Each echelon and each team shall designate the person in charge to realize the unity of duties, powers and interests, arouse enthusiasm and strengthen the execution ability. When arranging a service, we should reserve a certain amount of mobile power. In the event of an emergency, we should be able to respond to and deal with emergencies in a timely manner and be ready to support weak areas.