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Job requirements for temporary security in Chongqing
- 2018-12-12-

   Chongqing Temporary Securityis the conduct of temporary security services for various activities. In order to make the whole activity proceed normally, Chongqing Temporary security needs to do its own security work, but also need the security work of Chongqing Temporary security to meet certain requirements.

Chongqing Temporary security needs to have the ability to observe problems and identify problems: The Guard must first understand the security environment around the post, carefully observe and discover the potential safety risks around the post, take a scientific and reasonable approach to solve the existing problems, and be predictable about the problems that may arise, so that when problems arise, timely detection of hidden dangers. I'm not going to confuse it. Ability to solve problems quickly: security guards often encounter a variety of emergencies and complications in the course of their duties. In dealing with and solving problems, they must respond calmly and quickly and judge, analyse and deal with problems in a timely manner. Appropriate methods and measures should be taken to address the problem in order to ensure timely and effective control of emergencies. In case of emergency, it should be reported in time, the contradiction should not be enlarged, and the contradiction should not be aggravated. Independent cooperative combat capability: security personnel must have the ability to work independently when on duty and be able to deal with various problems at work quickly and decisively. In assisting public security organs to deal with emergencies or participate in large-scale security activities, security personnel should cooperate with each other, closely cooperate and strictly obey the leadership and command.

Chongqing Temporary security needs to have a strong will and self-control ability: Chongqing Temporary security in the complex working environment must have a strong will and self-control ability, correct thinking attitude, consciously resist all kinds of temptations, correctly establish their own world outlook, values and outlook on life. Professional safety management team, after strict militarization, professional job training, formed a good team. Mainly for large-scale events, exhibitions, theatrical performances, sporting events, enterprises, business people and celebrities to provide a high level of global security services, to provide a full range of security escort programs to protect entrepreneurs, celebrities, film stars, families, businesses, teams and other individuals and professionals. Security Department. Security manpower protection and property protection are the basic business contents of security service companies.

Chongqing Temporary Security is in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, the entry and exit of personnel, vehicles and materials in and out of the designated locations of customer units for temporary security management, in order to achieve the protection of personal and property safety of security business activities. Before the event, the head of the security company arranges all security personnel to study at all positions at the event site, understand the duties of the post and the relevant information during the activities, implement the plan, conscientiously and responsibly, and strictly implement the job orientation and job planning. Job recruitment. Responsible for ensuring the effective completion of safety work. All security personnel arrive at the designated location before the start of the event, and the head of the security company is responsible for the deployment of the post. Security personnel conduct security checks and evacuate positions as directed by the safety officer. At the end of the event, the staff of the other positions are unified. In order to maintain normal business during the exhibition period, the two sides should cooperate with each other to do a good job in the safety and security of the exhibition, prevent the crowding of personnel entering and leaving the people, prevent the occurrence of damage and other accidents, and ensure the normal flow of admission personnel. Responsible for stopping, persuading or arresting those who smoke, fight, steal or disturb public order in the exhibition hall and, if necessary, transfer them to the public security organs. Strikes, searches and illegal detentions are strictly prohibited.