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Quality of security in Chongqing
- 2019-01-24-

InChongqing SecurityManagement skills are very important, we should pay attention to the method, in life we have to sincerely care about each of our employees, there are difficulties to solve immediately, in the work of every employee has strict requirements. For example, if an employee violates discipline, he must punish the offender as security captain. At that point, he had to go two ways. After punishing the punished employee, he couldn't help but deal with the matter. He should talk to the player privately, ask him why he violated discipline, what he thought, how to understand the punishment result, and tell him the purpose of the punishment. Of course, we all know that the purpose of punishment is to build the whole team, not for that person. At sectoral meetings, it is necessary to announce that such punishment can only play its rightful role if things are analysed and brought to everyone's attention. In addition, there is a need to strengthen the step management system, but the most difficult thing to implement is security monitoring of security. Many security guards have not even found their employees in breach of discipline because of problems they know. Punishment, also to cover up, feel that such employees will be grateful to him, will obey him, the idea is wrong, a team only discipline, everyone is easier to manage, if such a long time really encountered problems, employees collective resignation to solve.

Chongqing security guards need to abide by the law, Integrity services. This means that property security personnel must strictly abide by national laws, regulations and property safety work discipline, fair and clean, selfless dedication. Property security personnel are required to seriously study and master the knowledge of laws and regulations, strictly in accordance with the legal procedures, to protect legitimate acts, to investigate and punish illegal and criminal acts in accordance The property security personnel are required to establish a firm concept of organization, consciously abide by the discipline and rules and regulations of property security services, obey the leadership and obey the command. Especially at present, all kinds of illegal elements will make every effort to use all kinds of illegal means to corrode and attract property security personnel. Property security personnel should strengthen the concept of legal concept and organization, strengthen their own self-cultivation, improve anti-corrosion ability. Civilized enthusiasm is the civilized accomplishment and humility of property security personnel in their dealings with others. Property security personnel are required to achieve language civilization, behavior civilization, appearance civilization, environmental civilization, to owners, users, operators, customers should be enthusiastic, proactive, patient, considerate, humble, moderate. Attention to credibility is not only the embodiment and foundation of the professional Ethics and honor of property security services, but also the professional attitude of property security personnel.

Chongqing security personnel should have a strong sense of responsibility, serious and responsible work, spiritual encouragement, diligence and due diligence, abide by the contract, positive and thoughtful, enthusiastic customer service, do their best to meet customer needs, to ensure the safety of customer units. At the same time, in our daily life and work, we should also actively help the crisis, care and help others, which is also the minimum social responsibility requirements that citizens should have. Only in this way can we firmly establish the concept of providing high quality and high level safety Service to our customers wholeheartedly. Security personnel are on the front lines of security protection. Inevitably, they have to fight against all kinds of illegal and criminal acts. The operation of security personnel should have the spirit of not afraid of suffering, not afraid of suffering, not afraid of suffering, not afraid of sacrifice. When customers ' property and lives are violated, they should dare to stand up and resolutely crack down on criminals. On the other hand, in order to win the support, trust and understanding of customers, we should be civilized, polite, respect others, friendly, reasonable, act in accordance with the law, so that security services better.