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Basic provisions of Chongqing Security Service
- 2019-02-12-

Chongqing Security ServicesThe company shall sign a security service contract with the Entrustment unit to clarify the project, content and rights and obligations of both parties to provide security services. After the termination of the secured services contract, the guarantee service company shall keep the guarantee service contract for at least two years for reference. The Security Service Company shall check the legality of the Entrustment unit's request for the provision of security services, refuse the request for illegal provision of security services, and report to the public security organ. If the security service company sends security personnel to the customer units of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the municipality to provide security services, it shall file with the public security organs of the municipalities, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the municipality where the services are located. The Security Service license, business license, Security Service contract, service project leader and security personnel should be provided for the filing of the basic situation of the Security Service company. Local people's governments with district and above municipal level shall not employ wholly foreign-owned, Sino-foreign joint ventures and Sino-Foreign cooperative Security service companies to provide security services as determined by key security and public security units involving national security and state secrets.

Chongqing Security Service staff in succession, should carefully in accordance with the provisions of the handover system to do a good job of handover work, and with the handover personnel to carry out work inspection. For the existing problems, to inquire about the situation, do a good job in receiving goods, ask about the situation of the previous class and the issues to be dealt with. After fully understanding the status of the post, you can sign the handover book before you take up your duties. Before the workers are laid off, they should do a good job record, do a good job in the next post handover work, and the successor to carry out post inspection, clear the problems existing in the post, and transfer with the successor. The heir may be laid off after signing his consent. If shift workers are dealing with problems, transfers can only take place after the duty supervisor approves the report. Otherwise, he cannot be laid off until the process is complete. When you see customers on duty, you should greet them enthusiastically, thoughtfully and politely in friendly and natural language. In answering the customer's inquiry, you should listen to the eyes, carefully and patiently, and answer the customer's questions in detail. For unclear details, we shouldn't say, "I don't know, I don't know." "We should try to find out the answer, then reply, or report to our direct leader."

Chongqing Security Service advocates the concept of "combination of management and service, priority of service". In management, management and service seem to be the dialectical unity of contradiction. Only by organically combining the two can the level of management and service be synchronized and continuously improved. In particular, to provide security services on the basis of security services, policing responsibilities must be performed in accordance with the powers and responsibilities conferred by the relevant laws, regulations, policies and service contracts. Without management, service is empty talk. Service is achieved by management. However, it must be clear that management is the means, that services are the end, and that the ultimate purpose of management is service. Through effective management, to achieve the purpose of service for owners and customers. Unified Sense of Service: innovative all-round sense of service, through the continuous innovation of service content and methods, to meet the continuous change of concept, expand the demand of customers. Unified management Objectives: "To accept a customer, create a civilization, to ensure the safety of one side, to create a brand." "We will take the implementation of brand strategy and image engineering as the focus, further advocate the management practice has always adhered to the scientific concept of development, adhere to the" service "management policy. First, customer first ", through professional and meticulous management, to ensure regional security and beautiful environment, enhance the brand image, to achieve a virtuous circle of social, environmental and economic benefits.