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The duty requirement of Chongqing security
- 2019-01-08-

At present, some people in the community think that the security treatment is poor, the social status is low, there is nothing to learn, there is no future. This concept givesChongqing SecurityThe people brought a psychological shadow. Managers should actively guide security in the right way to help them establish a correct outlook on life and values. As the saying goes: One, safety comes first. The safety industry is also a very glorious and important industry. If there is no security guard, who will manage the community meeting of the vehicle? Who will manage the community's safety precautions? Who's going to clean up the traffic jams in the settlements? With the continuous development of society and the gradual understanding of the importance of the security industry, the treatment of security will be improved and security will be respected.

Chongqing security personnel to strictly enforce the company's work and sleep time, on time card, seriously maintain the card order. After the bell rang, they should stand two metres from the clock and supervise the staff to punch. Employees do not punch or clock abnormal phenomenon, should promptly notify the administrative department or related personnel to deal with; 10 minutes before punching, should stand in front of the clock, and in advance to maintain the clock. Order. If you do not queue in advance and do not jump in the queue, give the title and impose a fine. Security personnel dress neatly, posture is correct, dignified style, language civilization, establish a good corporate image, respect for superiors and employees, security personnel in the prescribed time (customer units in and out, staff peak time), customers visit, the general manager must wear a hat. Straighten up the company managers and raise their hands at the same time. The arrival station was nodding. Security personnel to adhere to the post, to maintain the cleanliness of the security room, often scrub the table, telephone and glass, working hours must not leave the post without cause or in lieu of guards, do not read books, newspapers, magazines, naps, mobile phones, not unrelated to the outside world to talk. Smoking in the security room is strictly prohibited in the factory, vehicles are prohibited from being parked at the entrance to the factory, and all staff in the security room are not allowed to enter except for work needs. Stay in the safe room and sit down and chat.

Chongqing Security is an important part of maintaining social order. It's not easy to form a security team. It needs to have a certain social foundation, get the support of all walks of life, and be recognized by all kinds of owners. In order to improve the overall quality of the safety team, it is necessary to start from the team members themselves, strengthen learning and training, enhance the safety awareness of the team members, enhance the ideological awareness of the team members, improve the conditions of the team members. Therefore, under the reasonable restraint of safety system, post duties and duties, the safety maintenance work should be carried out comprehensively. It can be said that the attitude, ideology, sense of responsibility and image display of the members of the security team are inseparable from the management system, management methods and training level, working environment and personal income of the department. According to the nature of security work can be summed up as: decentralized centralization, individual and collective, one person and one society and other forms.