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The requirements of Chongqing security Company for personnel
- 2019-01-17-

Chongqing Security Co., Ltd.The traditional scope of business mainly includes security, security, patrolling, commercial sports activities, security services, armed escorts, road traffic wardens, special security services, marketing of security equipment, security advice, undertaking security works, establishing a security system, social security services, etc. Civil defense and so on, refers to the Security service contract signed with the customer, the use of the company's advantages, for a good image, service professional customers to provide personal safety protection business. Human defense business is the most basic form of security services, can be divided into security, security, patrol, security and other three categories. Security personnel are at the heart of personal safety efforts. is to engage in social security work in accordance with the law, to provide customers with a variety of protection services professionals. Bodyguard Service is not only a basic business of the security industry, but also a special professional service. It follows the traditional bodyguard service concept, according to the modern more complex space-time requirements, for high-end people's activities and specific needs, for high-end people's personal, property, privacy and other aspects, to carry out a comprehensive professional innovative design. Provide comprehensive safety and security.

Chongqing Security company requires security personnel must be clear-headed, bright eyes, diligent, hands. We should not take the lead by laziness. We should show a euphemistic meaning in our speech. It can be said that without thought can not be on duty, no vision can not find the problem, no thought can not do anything, no feelings can not speak. Let's think about it. There are internal links that cannot be separated. Imagine that the work in the brain smuggling, do not want so much, do not look so thin, become a stranger, I do not know whether to ask, will lead to what kind of results? Never let down your guard, carelessness, and absent-minded. Don't forget, a little lax, lazy, distracted on duty, patrol will not be in place, easy to observe mistakes, grasp problems, misplaced, causing big mistakes or serious consequences. A real security guard should focus on six routes and listen to all directions while guarding or patrolling. Should he closely observe the changes around him? Is the sound, taste and color wrong? Once the situation has been established, it is possible to resolve the problem immediately and take action without leaving any consequences. Of course, we should carefully consider in advance, compare the current situation, and promptly report to the superior.

Chongqing Security Company should strengthen the concept of organizational discipline, abide by the company's rules and regulations, conscientiously perform security duties, do on time duty, adhere to the post, do not go AWOL, strict performance of duties, working hours do not drink, do not smoke, do not do private things, do not receive reception. Friends and relatives to work, non-security on duty, without the permission of the security minister, may not stay in the post for long periods of time, obey the organization, obey the superior principle, obey orders, obey orders. In order to develop a disciplined, well-trained and civilized and enthusiastic security team, it is necessary to train security personnel in routine militarization and standardized learning. Safety training includes pre-job training, on-the-job training, physical training, military training, fire training, etc., and all study and training courses are one of the important contents of daily work. Security guards must be actively involved and strive to improve their own quality. If there are idle or private non-participants, it should be carried out in strict accordance with company regulations. As a duty firefighter, security guards should actively participate in the study and training of fire fighting skills in peacetime, conscientiously do a good job in the inspection and maintenance of fire equipment, and cooperate fully with the heads of departments in the fire and rescue work.