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How to improve the business capability of Chongqing's long-term security
- 2019-02-05-

Chongqing Long Term securityis the first line of defense and the first intersection. Not only to strictly check out the entrance personnel and items, but also to pay attention to civilized work, polite service and smile service. Language, etiquette, attitude and service should be civilized, flexible and standardized. Of course, standing posture, walking posture and facial expression are also important components of the guard on duty. Within a day, the number of passers-by and the number of vehicles was innumerable. They will conduct a psychological assessment of the safety of the force, leaving a different impression and even spreading widely. This is a way of communicating that cannot be ignored. It has a great influence and a wide range of effects. Therefore, the position, sitting, doing, speaking and practicing of security guards are all part of the image, the heart, eyes, brain, hands and legs of security guards are the source of self-image, their ideological consciousness, noble words and deeds, walking standards and other forms of expression are inseparable from the role of happiness. However, the specific forms and behaviors of the post, such as posture, greeting, eyes, salute, smile, nod, greeting, speech, guidance, politeness, helping others, agility, etc., are the performance of daily contact, we must strengthen practice, develop habits, flexible use. On the whole, we must have a clear head, bright eyes, hard-working, hands. We should not take the lead by laziness. We should show a euphemistic meaning in our speech. It can be said that without thought can not be on duty, no vision can not find the problem, no thought can not do anything, no feelings can not speak. Let's think about it. There are internal links that cannot be separated. Imagine that the work in the brain smuggling, do not want so much, do not look so thin, become strangers, I do not know whether to ask, will lead to what kind of results.

Chongqing Long-term security to promote the growth of security services changes in the way. The main is to improve the scientific and technological content of safety services, speed up the pace of independent innovation of enterprises, promote the transformation of extensive management to intensive care, do not rely on simple extension to achieve growth. In particular, we should strengthen the key technological innovations that restrict industrial development, strengthen the planning, organization, coordination and management of scientific and technological innovation, especially information technology research and development, and break through the common support technology and key technologies. Technology that restricts the development of security technologies and defense. On the one hand, we should improve the original innovation ability, integration ability and digestion and absorption re-innovation ability, promote the safety technology and prevent the research results into application, on the other hand, we should "introduce" the Advanced service mode, develop the concept and technology of the safety industry in developed countries and regions, and apply it in the enterprise management of our country. The company is striving to cooperate with international advanced Security enterprises, establish new security enterprises, vigorously promote the scientific and technological progress of China's security service enterprises, shorten the gap with the world's advanced level.

In Chongqing's long-term security management, the primary task of safety is human safety, followed by the safety of buildings, ancillary equipment and public facilities. If there are safety requirements, there will be cleaning/convenience requirements, comfort requirements, enjoyment requirements, etc., otherwise, all property management will not be able to talk about. Imagine if a property management company could not provide real protection for the life and property safety of the owner or user, what property he was concerned about, property safety as a new occupation in our city, to maintain and protect the property, protect the safety of owners and families, provide a comfortable environment for owners and families, create a civilized and noble atmosphere, It is important to promote community harmony and stability and promote community building. Clear technical means and methods to prevent and stop the occurrence of man-made and natural disasters, such as short circuit of wires, elevator closure, burst of water pipes, fire accidents, theft, etc., to ensure that owners or users are not harmed, property is not damaged, work/life order is normal.