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The importance of security in Chongqing community
- 2019-01-03-

SaidChongqing Community Security, they give the impression that young people are strong and safe. However, the reporter's visit found that Chongqing's security is gradually getting old. Chongqing Community Security is increasingly unpopular with young people, while "uncle" security guards play a leading role. Managers at some property companies say the low wages, limited career prospects and boring job content of security guards are prohibitive for many young people.

There are no new security guards to replace the 61-year-old. Still insist, in a large commercial industrial park in Chongqing, Lao Zhao patrols here every day. Although he was 61 years old, he could only carry on because there was no new security to replenish it. Lao Zhao told reporters that he is from Chongqing. His children are working here and building a family. He also became a grandfather. To take care of his grandson, he came to Zhongqing from the countryside eight years ago. Now that his grandson has gone to school, he has a lot of free time. "Considering that I am in good health and usually doing nothing, I would like to find a security job in the industrial park. Initially worried about old age, no one wanted it. Surprisingly, after a simple interview, people agreed. So three years ago, I came to the industrial park as a security guard.

In some old towns of Chongqing, it is difficult to see young security guards. In a unit dormitory, security guard Mr. Liu said that there are two security guards in the community, all more than 40 years old. Work is to look at the gate, patrol at night, very boring. "Because we are old, our wages are not high, only 1500 yuan a month, but the work is more leisure, so we are satisfied." "Uncle" safe and experienced residents in residential areas more trusting. Members of the public have different views on the phenomenon of safe aging in residential areas. Mr Tung, a member of the public in Zhongqing, told reporters that as a security practitioner, responsibility is paramount. Ensure the safety of one side, no matter where you work safely.

"Chongqing Community Security is not only to do some simple registration work, but also to be responsible for the safety of the whole community. If the old security guards encounter illegal elements, I don't know if they can guarantee the safety of the residents. If it were some young security guards, it might be more deterrent to illegal elements, safer communities. Mr. Sun, the owner of the UFC Oasis community, said the ability of security to work did not depend on age. "Uncle's safety experience is plentiful, and even in unexpected situations, it can be adapted, but more reliable than young people." Today's young people are quirky and have a hard time getting along with their owners. On the contrary, some old security guards familiar with the world are able to establish good relations with the owners in a short period of time.

Property companies have limited funds and it is difficult to recruit young security guards. At a bus stop in Chongqing, reporters saw a notice to recruit security guards. The security personnel recruited in the notification were not demanding. As long as they are in good health and have no criminal record, they can apply for a 18-50-year-old job. The hiring chief told reporters they were a security company that generally provided security for the community or High street. At present, however, there are few sources of security. While they want to enroll some young people, most of the applicants are middle-aged. Because the security salary in the residential area is spent from the property fee income of the residential area, it deducts part of the cost of the security company. In fact, security wages are low. At present, security wages are basically maintained at about 1200-1800 yuan. Wages in larger residential areas are likely to be higher, but only about 2200 yuan.

"Now, young people are looking for jobs everywhere and making more than 2000 dollars, so many young people are reluctant to work in the safety industry," he asked. Security guards in Chongqing District patrol guards at the door every day. The work was so monotonous that the young man could hardly bear it. Unless it is a large, mature community, it will be better in terms of working conditions and other aspects, and attractive to young people. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Regulations on Public Security Administration, Chinese citizens with a junior high school degree or above are 18 years of age or older, are in good health and conduct well, and can apply for public security management documents and engage in public security Administration. However, the ordinance does not provide for a maximum age limit for security personnel. In this regard, some owners suggested that, in order to ensure the safety of residential areas, real estate companies could appropriately increase their face value.