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The job responsibilities of Chongqing star Security
- 2019-02-14-

   Chongqing Star SecurityIt's a security guard who guards the stars. Chongqing Star Security needs to protect the star's personal safety, in the star's work to do a good job of the star protection, so that the star can work normally.

Chongqing star Security guards need to protect the star from illegal harm and have an obligation to consider safety issues that the star did not consider during the protection. To prevent overheated fans, stars usually choose to hire bodyguards only when they attend concerts and public places. For one thing, they want to be in close contact with their fans, but on the other hand, they are afraid of getting hurt in the chaos. In fact, celebrities are more likely to be protected by bodyguards than bodyguards. Because celebrities know they are at risk of being kidnapped and killed at any time, they usually follow the instructions of their bodyguards. Instead, the stars are mainly trying to avoid fans and journalists. They would act in an self-determination manner and might be reluctant to cooperate fully with their work. The security work shall be carried out strictly within the scope prescribed by law and shall not exceed its authority. Strictly perform the duties of the job and do not do anything unrelated to the security service. The masses are not allowed to be harassed. Lay-offs, vacancies, sleep, lateness or early departure are not allowed. Abide by the customer's rules and regulations, keep the internal secrets of the customer unit, and may not inquire, record or disseminate at will. Do not use fan items and accept gifts from fans without permission. Love Public property. Important information should be processed and reported in a timely manner.

No delay or concealment. Strong physical fitness. Security work is a kind of manual labor, when encountering gangsters, must deal with gangsters. If the security personnel are not physically strong, it is difficult to stick to the work. In other words, there is no guarantee that even your own safety, how can you guarantee the safety of others? As a very professional security company, Shanghai Visteon Security Service Co., Ltd. regularly carries out strict training to the company's security personnel, with the aim of improving the physical fitness of security personnel and the corresponding professional quality. In order to convey the right talent to the society. Healthy psychological quality. Some security personnel always have certain psychological control ability in their work. The psychological hurdle is that they don't think their work is very decent. I always feel that I am inferior to others in my job. The idea is very wrong.

What kind of work makes more sense, Chongqing Star Security to ensure the safety of others, in the event of an emergency, all staff in the People's Theatre staff under the arrangement of evacuation and rescue at the scene. In order to ensure the normal performance of performers and to prevent the intentional or intentional destruction of performance activities, a buffer zone is set up outside the performance venue. Surrounding road traffic management by the public security organs, in the access to the venue of the channel to set up a public security buffer zone, to prevent the malicious entry of unrelated personnel, to avoid conflict, reduce the possibility of the occurrence of security incidents. In addition to security personnel, unrelated personnel are strictly prohibited from entering the buffer zone and using the Iron horse ring isolation. The crowd took turns conducting security checks through isolation. Before and during the event, security personnel patrolled the auditorium to detect and stop unsafe behaviour that endangered the normal performance of the concert.