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What needs to be done by security at Chongqing Mall
- 2018-12-12-

   Chongqing Shopping Mall SecurityIs the security of security services in the mall. For the safety of the whole mall, as a Chongqing mall security guards need to do their job, do a good job of the entire mall security.

Chongqing Shopping Mall security needs to be familiar with the market terrain and fire equipment distribution and use of knowledge; Chongqing Mall security guards must be carefully patrolled, if someone randomly according to the elevator, according to bad or not in accordance with the provisions of the elevator, if found violations, must be seriously dealt with; Chongqing Mall security guards in the patrol, The inspection of hard-to-reach corners of ordinary people should be carefully addressed to check whether there are thefts, damage to public equipment, facilities and commercial private property items on the market. If there is any damage, it should be reported to the relevant authorities immediately; If a suspicious appearance is found in the patrol, an immediate investigation should be carried out and the salesperson should be stopped from distributing leaflets, business cards and stealing business on the floor. Chongqing Mall security guards carefully check the safety of vehicles while on duty, find problems, timely report, arrive to order vehicles in place, check whether the vehicle is damaged, whether the door is locked, whether the vehicle is neatly arranged. Chongqing Mall Security needs to be responsible for the safety of the entire mall, fire management, vehicle management and daily business order maintenance.

Chongqing Mall security guards need to abide by the law and Company rules and regulations, to maintain a high degree of discipline, vigilance, purity. In accordance with the relevant laws, regulations and the relevant provisions of the Company, the development of specific performance of the job plan. Assist all departments of property department to implement the rules and regulations of shopping malls, strengthen management and beautify the environment. Investigate and deal with all kinds of emergencies. Master the fire characteristics of shopping malls, and strive to achieve "six cooked", that is: familiar with the layout of shopping malls, architectural characteristics, fire channels, fire water supply situation, familiar with the fire hazards of shopping malls and the corresponding fire prevention measures, familiar with hidden fire key fire protection areas and control methods, familiar with the relevant fire regulations, regulations and their implementation ; Fire fighting institutions construction and fire fighting capacity; familiar with fire fighting facilities and equipment; Keep a close eye on entry and exit sports it is strictly forbidden to carry pets, prohibit irregular clothing and idle personnel (salesmen, people carrying fireworks or dangerous goods into the vicinity of the Sino-Russian Free shopping mall) to carry pets, and prohibit suspicious persons from entering the country. Inspection, for the entry and exit of large items, check the registration of personal documents, in a specific period of time, such as the opening of the free market in China and Russia before or after the closure, check entry and exit personnel and product entry and exit documents, etc., seriously do their job.

Chongqing Mall security guards have to wear standard clothing to work, monitor, clothing, equipment, publicity 10 minutes in advance every day. Job distribution, focus on matters, the successor to the post, duty personnel are not allowed to post, in the Register to record the succession time. Duty guards should wait for security checks and accept the area before leaving office. There are no special circumstances and the acceptance time of the duty guard must not exceed 15 minutes. The management of police equipment is for wear and use only by duty guards in emergency situations or in official duties. Do not place at will when not in use. No compensation shall be awarded for loss or damage entrusted to others on their behalf. No special circumstances or without the approval of the Ministry of Public Security, the provision of police equipment for others is strictly prohibited, the monitor is mainly responsible for his duties. Lead the Ombudsman to check and supervise the work situation of each position at all times, mainly check the job image and service quality, find the problem and correct it in time; The Ombudsman formation inspection team checks each security post at all times. The main inspectors are on duty, on duty, military discipline and so on. If problems are identified, meetings will be held in time to resolve them.