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How to security services in Chongqing Community Security community
- 2018-12-17-

   Chongqing Community SecurityBy definition, it is the personnel who carry out various security work in each neighborhood. Chongqing Community Security in order to complete the security work of a community, it is necessary for Chongqing Community security to meet certain requirements.

Chongqing Community Security needs to be scientifically and rationally equipped with residential district safety posts, the formation of residential district guard posts, guard posts, patrol posts of points, lines, surface combination, is the basis of strict security prevention and control.Chongqing Community SecurityNeed to be familiar with the work environment, understand the responsibilities of the post, strictly perform the duties of the post, improve vigilance, is the key to do a good job in residential area safety prevention Chongqing Community Security needs to strengthen the key areas and key parts of the monitoring patrol, is to do a good job in the property Community security work of the main measures; Remember the owner's name and characteristics, understand the owner's buildings, floors, units and room numbers, in order to understand where they live and enhance registration. Management personnel, goods, vehicles, strict control of foreign personnel into the area, do a good job in small areas. The focus of security work in the district. We should rely on the usual good post image, natural smile service, friendly language exchange, a look, a greeting, a smile, thoughtful and meticulous service to the owner, truly wholeheartedly for the owner of the service.

When the owners encounter difficulties, the Chongqing community security personnel want the owners ' wishes and urgency to help the elderly, the weak, the sick and the disabled, within his ability, but also should start from the small things that many people think are not important, to give careful and thoughtful service. Only in this way will loyal service be rewarded. Owners See community safety as a relative and safe work will be as water as a fish. Security personnel in the service of owners, should be correctly positioned, not to go out, not ultra vires. In property security services, security personnel often deal with owners. They should always keep a good mind and observe the complex things that happen to the owners so as not to be humbled and arrogant. Usually, you can't hang out around in civilian clothes; you can't visit your host home often, you can't fall in love with your master's babysitter, do things, or even enter your owner's house. Pay attention to these links at all times so as not to cause unnecessary misunderstandings and affect the overall image of the property safety team. When the security personnel of Chongqing District face the vehicles of internal personnel or vehicle owners at the station 1~4, they should use standard traffic posture to guide the vehicle through the gate and pay tribute to it as a sign of respect for internal personnel or vehicle owners.

In case of special circumstances, security guards on duty in Chongqing District shall record and notify all persons in a timely manner. For public, inspection, legal, fire and other special vehicles entry and exit projects, security personnel should first pay tribute, and make a simple inquiry. If there are no special circumstances, the owner should be notified first and then released. Emergency fire engines and ambulances entering and leaving the jurisdiction shall be given timely guidance. During his tenure, security guards in Chongqing District were unable to leave their jobs without permission. We should be diligent in inspection, sharp vision, pay attention to the discovery of suspicious people, things, things, prevention of cases, accidents, and strive to achieve success. Strict control of foreign vehicles, idlers, hawkers into the administrative region, foreign vehicles into the administrative region, the implementation of administrative Region management system. During our tenure, we should seriously address the various situations that occur in our posts and make detailed written records. Clear transfer, clear responsibility at the time of transfer. No mobile patrols were scheduled during the day and more than three night patrols. Responsible for managing the vehicles entering the area of responsibility, keeping the road open, parking order, checking whether the parked vehicle has an anti-theft lock, paying attention to whether the driver and the vehicle have any abnormalities before driving, and immediately check the doubt to ensure safety. Responsible for cleaning, greening, public facilities and equipment inspection in the responsible area, timely inform the service center to deal with the relevant issues. Responsible for the management of decoration construction personnel in this responsible area. Do not stack decorative materials at will, may not be constructed within the prescribed time limit, lest other families rest; the rest of the pickup, decorative waste should be cleared in a timely manner, not put into use.