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How does Chongqing Security Service conduct patrols?
- 2019-03-14-

Chongqing Security Service is a security guard for security work in the factory. In the factory, Chongqing security service needs to conduct regular patrols of the factory, and it needs reasonable patrol during the patrol work, so that the entire factory can be fully patrolled.

Chongqing security services need to be liquid. This is a prominent feature of security patrols. In order to ensure the safety of the entire plant, Chongqing security services mostly use walking or cycling to inspect relevant locations, locations and sections to prevent various problems. Chongqing security services need to have the initiative. Compared with passive guards such as security guards and security guards, Chongqing Security Service Patrol Service is an “active offensive” guard. By patrolling and observing a certain range or area of the client unit, you can actively identify problems and eliminate insecurities. The patrol effect of Chongqing security services is directly proportional to the sense of responsibility. The patrols of Chongqing security services should be active and meticulous, with meticulous work and strong sense of responsibility. There are many opportunities for suspicious situations. On the contrary, passive perfunctory may not find many problems. Chongqing security services need to be liquid. The security patrols of Chongqing security services are not mechanically repetitive movements, but selective patrols and vigilance in places where public safety is complex and prone to problems and critical parts. There are no fixed rules and regulations in terms of time, space and method. The goal is to get a good patrol effect.

The patrol mode of Chongqing security service is flexible and diverse. Safety patrols shall be carried out by fixed line patrols, which means that patrol personnel will conduct regular round-trip patrol inspections in accordance with the designated routes within a certain period of time. That is to say, the patrol personnel depart from point A to point B, then return to point A along the original road from point B, and conduct regular patrols along the road and along the road. Chaotic patrols are also known as uncertainty patrols. It means that patrol personnel can freely choose patrol routes and patrol detours according to the needs of patrol missions in their area of responsibility. This kind of inspection method is conducive to mobilizing the enthusiasm and initiative of the inspection personnel. It is not easy to understand and master, and it is easy to bring the parts that are prone to problems into the sight of the inspection personnel. The combination of alignment and chaotic line means that during patrol, the patrol personnel cross-use the method of patrolling and chaotic patrol according to the specific situation. This method has better effect and is more conducive to time and space control, and the prevention effect is more comprehensive. Point-and-line combination: The so-called "point" refers to the more important parts of the patrol range or the problems that are prone to problems and the prevention of weak links. "Line" refers to a patrol extension line formed by connecting several points. The combination of point and line means that we must not only carry out key patrols and vigilances in the narrow areas of “points”, but also drive on the “line” to control patrols and achieve the dual goals of key patrol points and routes.

The “three-point” patrol of Chongqing Security Service refers to a patrol consisting of three patrols, each consisting of two to three people, each with a spacing of 10 to 15 meters. This patrol formation can increase the visibility of patrol personnel, expand patrol coverage, reduce the time and space of patrol area out of control, and help improve overall combat capability. The "clock" inquiry format refers to the use of the "clock" format when suspicious persons are found in the patrol, which can effectively prevent the suspect from embarking on the road of escape, and can carry out all-round attacks on the suspect. If they take risks, they can also reduce the casualties of patrol personnel. When Chongqing security service encounters the current crime during patrol, it should immediately give a warning and quickly arrest it; if the suspect does not listen to stop, arrogance or may escape, immediately send a rescue signal, please go to the security personnel or client and public security "110 "Support or handling nearby; if the suspect escapes, he should be immediately pursued. Organize personnel to track and report to customer units and “110” as soon as possible. Deliberately remember the physical characteristics of the suspect. In the event of an illegal infringement or disaster in the patrol area, you should immediately call 110 and report the client immediately. At the same time, requests for support signals should be sent to other security personnel. At the same time, do a good job of site protection, prohibiting the entry of unrelated personnel and maintaining the order of the venue. Persons who need assistance and disaster relief should actively participate in rescue workers and property. When maintaining order on the spot, security personnel should pay attention to the discovery of suspicious personnel, prevent illegal elements from using random robbery, and take measures to prevent the situation from expanding.