Chongqing Special Insurance Service

Chongqing Special Insurance Service

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Chongqing Special Insurance Serviceis to provide a complete security service for a person. To provide a fully secure service, there should be no special police capacity. Integrity means staying vigilant for a long time. Given the various risk factors that employers never thought of, one can win an employer's sense of security without hurting an employer. Harm. For press conferences, sporting events, concerts, singer clubs, all kinds of theatrical performances, business summits, business forums, press conferences, trade fairs and other large-scale activities to provide security solutions, the combination of civil defense and technology, and responsible for the implementation. Safety Check: Safety Check refers to the mandatory technical inspection in a specific area to ensure the safety of the public facilities of the broad masses of the people. In the patrol area, in the event of criminal cases, security cases, security disasters, factory safety companies as duty security personnel, on the one hand, should immediately report to the relevant departments, on the other hand, timely and effective measures should be taken. Strengthen on-site protection, such as the delineation of site protection scope and arrangements for vigilance. assist in maintaining order and prevent all unrelated personnel from entering the scene, resulting in damage to the scene.

Chongqing Special Insurance Services according to the safety needs of specific customers, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the law, to provide personal, on-board, residential and on-site escort services. Mainly responsible for customer travel route arrangement, hotel accommodation selection, business activities Place safety evaluation, keen observation and mastery of the surrounding situation, strengthen forecasting and defense; Grasp the object of protection. Activities, communication and implementation of security measures; assist in safety-related life services and health care, and ensure the safety of specific items, individuals and property.