Star Security

Star Security

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SaidChongqing Star Security, they either wear black or wear uniforms. When the stars appear, they open the way forward; when the stars leave, they follow the guards. For ordinary people, the identity of the star bodyguard is mysterious, but no one is paying attention. For the stars, they are guardians. They are safe there because they will protect the star's personal safety.

What is the importance of Chongqing star security?

1, Dangerous treatment: Stars will also encounter kidnapping, entertainment circle has happened such a thing, star bodyguards can deal with the first time in similar kidnappings when the danger, take the star to a safe place, and the criminal to the public security organs to deal with.

2. Maintain order: It is normal for fans to see their favourite stars rush ahead in places where crowded crowds gather, such as airports, events and commercial performances. When celebrities travel to their destination, bodyguards need to assist in the safe maintenance of order on site.

3, isolation intrusion: When faced with fanatical fans, it is easy to directly rush to the stars, or desperately ask to take pictures, shake hands and so on. It's an intrusion that has to be addressed for the stars at work. Hiring bodyguards can isolate these intrusions and protect them from any intrusion in the course of their work.